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Women Who Code is the largest and most active community of engineers dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. We envision a world where women are representative as technical executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers. Our programs are designed to get you there.

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Our community is for professional women in technology careers, including software engineers, developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists and more. Current and aspiring coders are welcome. Bring your laptop and a friend!

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Our events offer free hands on technical events, study groups, panel discussions, lightning talks, and keynotes featuring influential tech industry experts, innovators, and investors. We help you build the skills you need to raise your professional profile and achieve greater career success.

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Building Automation Engineers From Scratch

Online event

## About the Event ## Creating automation engineers from manual testers is hard. Even if your testers are willing, they have a lot of hurdles to get over to feel like the same kind of subject matter experts in automation as they are in manual testing. As a career-long manual tester making the leap to automation, Jenny Bramble has experience to explain frustrations and provide solutions. She will discuss managing the expectations of your testers and their managers (what's the time frame? Why isn't this working?), techniques for teaching (such as games! Pair/mob programming! Software fundamentals!), and how to know when your testers have made it (what should manual testers be aiming for when they start?). You'll walk away from the talk feeling empowered to create a plan to build your automation engineers from scratch! You’ll walk away from this talk with a powerful new set of tools in your toolbox: * The basic framework your manual testers need to be successful—including how to determine where the gaps in knowledge are and filling them. * Advice on managing the expectations of your testers and management from time constraints to what success looks like. * Several methods for teaching framed around a case study of a team that built itself up from the inside out and is running a successful automation suite. * Facing and overcoming other challenges such as ability and perceived ability, resources, time, tooling, and how to get your team excited for a new chapter in their professional development. ## Expected Agenda (US Central Time) ## 6:30 PM - Welcome and Introductions 6:45 PM - Tech Talk 7:15 PM - Q&A 7:30 PM - Breakout Rooms for Discussion and Networking ## About the Speaker ## Jenny came up through support and devops, cutting her teeth on that interesting role that acts as the 'translator' between customer requests from support and the development team before diving headlong into her career as a tester. Her love of support and the human side of problems lets her find a sweet spot between empathy for the user and empathy for her team. She's done testing, support, or human interfacing for most of her career. She finds herself happiest when she's making an impact on other people--whether it's helping find issues in applications, speaking at events, or just grabbing coffee and chatting. You can connect with her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jennydoesthings

Secure Coding Tournament

Online event

WWCDFW + Secure Coding Tournament November 4th, 6:30PM - 8:30PM CST We’ve partnered with Secure Code Warrior to bring you a defensive security-based tournament from a developer's perspective. The tournament allows you to test your skill against the other participants in a series of vulnerable code challenges that ask you to identify a problem, locate insecure code, and fix a vulnerability. You can find tournament step-by-step guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwbySIg2z2Y The tournament is run virtually so you can join through your laptop from the most convenient location and time. It should take only a few hours, drop-in as you see fit during the duration of the event to complete all the challenges and win prizes! Instructions for playing: ✅1) Register for the Secure Code Warrior platform here: https://discover.securecodewarrior.com/WWCodeDFW-tournament.html ✅2) Once logged in: click “Tournaments” ✅3) Join the Women Who Code DFW Secure Coding Tournament The Secure Code Warrior platform will be open before and after the tournament, so feel free to practice in the “Training” tab. 🎉 Monitor the live leaderboard to see how you're performing! Please note: You must register at the link above in order to play on November 4th.

So You Want To Know About Cyber Security! w/ Darien and Rebecca

::About the Talk:: Interested in starting a career in Cyber Security? Join us to learn about paths you can take to join this field and the different aspects of security on the web. Agenda: Introductions and About the Speakers Explaining different levels of the cyberspace How to get into Cyber Security ::About the Speakers:: Darien Maples CO-CREATOR & HEAD OF PARTNERSHIPS CYBER COLLECTIVE MANAGING DIRECTOR GIRLS IN TECH DALLAS CHANNEL PARTNER EXECUTIVE, (ISC)2 Darien is a Cyber Security professional, Co-Creator, and Head of Partnerships of Cyber Collective (a community-centered research organization that hosts events to teach and understand ways data and privacy impact consumers). She is also the Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Dallas, a global non-profit educating and empowering women who are passionate about technology. Darien hopes to keep spreading cybersecurity awareness and uplifting her community to learn more about tech. ----------------------------------------------------------- Rebecca Richard CO-CREATOR , CYBER COLLECTIVE CYBER SECURITY ENTHUSIAST CYBER SECURITY GRAD STUDENT Rebecca is currently attending the University of Texas at San Antonio and is graduating with her bachelor's in Cyber Security and Information Systems this Fall. After a rocky journey into the IT field, Rebecca now shares her knowledge and experiences on her YouTube Channel and Instagram. Most recently, she became a Co- Creator of Cyber Collective, where she helps lead workshops and create digital content. Rebecca is passionate about empowering other women to get started and break every stereotype in IT.

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Gata Structures w/ Lizzie Portilla

Online event

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