Deep Learning using Image Captioning with TensorFlow & Keras !


In this talk, we'll cover:

* How to Install and use Google Tensor Flow

* Dense and Convolution Networks

* Optimizing Neural Network Design

* Altering Recognition Accuracy of the model

* Possibilities of Recurrent Neural Networks

* Building an Image Captioning System in Tensor Flow

Pre-Requisites : Basic Python, Jupyter

Everyone is requested to please bring their laptops. Please install Python3, Jupyter and Anaconda on your devices.

We have to limit the event to only 100 attendees to make sure that you have seats and everyone in the seminar is at the same technical level.

Please fill this form (­ ­to reserve your place (must). This helps us to make sure that we do allow people who are only truly interested and won't cancel last minute. All the very best. Looking forward to your responses!