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Python for Machine Learning

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Abi A. and Women Who C.


We are pleased to announce our next event on Python. This is a follow-up session to our last Introduction to Python & Git event.

In this session, we will discuss:

1. Classes
2. Generator
3. Methods
4. Files, modules, directories and packages
5. Working with machine learning packages:
Scipy, Numpy and Matplotlib.

By the end of this session, one would have a basic understanding of Python and have had hands on experience of writing python code for machine learning programs.

In this session, we will be working with real world Kaggle problems using major ML libraries.

We expect all the attendees to have working Python 3 ( and Jupyter iPython notebook ( installed on their computers (we covered it in our last session). If you have trouble with the installation, please arrive at least half an hour earlier at the venue so we can help you set up in time for the session.

For more announcements: please follow us at Women Who Code Facebook ( and our Twitter page (

The event is open to everyone - both guys and girls are more than welcome :)