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Women Who Code is the largest and most active community of engineers dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. We envision a world where women are representative as technical executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers. Our programs are designed to get you there. Sign up at www.womenwhocode.com (http://www.womenwhocode.com/).

Who should join?

Our community is for professional women in technology careers, including software engineers, developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists and more. Current and aspiring coders are welcome. Bring your laptop and a friend!

What to expect?

Our events offer free hands on technical events, study groups, panel discussions, lightning talks, and keynotes featuring influential tech industry experts, innovators, and investors. We help you build the skills you need to raise your professional profile and achieve greater career success.

Support us:

WWCode relies on donations to support this catalytic movement. Funding directly impacts our ability to deliver programs and expand to more cities, ensuring that even more women have the opportunity to excel in tech careers. womenwhocode.com/donate

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Post your jobs on the Women Who Code Job Board and hire from our exclusive community of technical professionals. Get started at womenwhocode.com/companies.

Code of Conduct:

WWCode is an inclusive community, dedicated to providing an empowering experience for everyone who participates in or supports our community, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, socioeconomic status, caste, creed, political affiliation, or preferred programming language(s). Our events are intended to inspire women to excel in technology careers, and anyone who is there for this purpose is welcome. We do not tolerate harassment of members in any form.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all WWCode events and online communities. Read the full version and access our incident report form at http://www.womenwhocode.com/codeofconduct

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Upcoming events (4)

Accelerate Your Career in Tech | WWCode Global Partner Event

Network event

591 attendees from 64 groups hosting

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💫 Join the WWCode Global team and our Partner Morningstar to learn how a professional development program could be the right fit to accelerate your career in tech! 💫

🤝 About WWCode Partners and Partner Events

Women Who Code Partners are organizations that work with us to provide opportunities and educational content to help empower you to excel in your technology career. Our Partners are passionate about supporting a more equitable and diverse industry. Join these events for great content from technology leaders and to hear about opportunities to work with our Partners.

🗓️ About This Event: Accelerate Your Career in Tech Through Professional Development Programs with Morningstar

Are you a recent tech graduate looking for hands-on, intensive mentorship and professional development to accelerate your career and give you the tools and experience you need to elevate your journey in tech?

Join Vijayita Bhardwaj, Early Career Programs Lead for Canada, and Anna Mukhina, Senior Manager of Software Engineering, on Tuesday, March 28th, from WWCode Partner Morningstar, who will share how programs like the Morningstar Development Program (MDP) empower technologists to reach their career goals.

During the two-year MDP program, participants receive ongoing career development, mentorship and training, and apprenticeship opportunities with various business groups, such as investment management, data, tech, and research. In this session, you’ll hear from MDP graduates who will share their experience with the program, their career path story, and what it’s like working in technology at Morningstar.

This session is for technologists interested in learning how joining a development program after graduation might be the right fit to reach your career goals.

Why you should attend:

  • Learn the career benefits of joining a professional development program in tech.
  • Connect and network with other members of the WWCode community.
  • Hear about opportunities to work with Morningstar.

About the speakers:

Passionate about inclusive hiring, DEI, and Women in Technology, Vijayita Bhardwaj is a fierce advocate and strategic recruitment advisor. Vijayita grew up in Burlington, where she faced several challenges, such as bullying, navigating unfamiliar pathways from a family of immigrants, and adopting a physical disability. Now residing in Toronto, Vijayita leads the Morningstar Development Program and Co-op Program across Canada for Morningstar, where she can use her years of experience and knowledge to attract great talent. She strives to ensure everyone feels welcome, safe, and heard everywhere she goes and loves connecting with humans alike.

Anna is a product and technology leader with a decade of experience in financial data and analytics. She studied Economics and Computer Science and is currently a Senior Manager of Software Engineering at Morningstar. Anna is most interested in discovering creative solutions through dialogue with clients and collaboration with the rich open-source community. She is also passionate about building happy and productive engineering teams.

We look forward to seeing you there!

💻 This is an online event. Register now.


📣 ​Help Spread the Word!

Let other technologists know about the opportunity to accelerate their careers in tech through professional development programs! We encourage you to share the following message in your professional networks:

Register now for the Women Who Code Global Partner event, “Accelerate Your Career in Tech Through Professional Development Programs,” to hear career insights from WWCode Partner Morningstar on March 28 at 12 PM EDT. Register now: https://bit.ly/3yE0Edu #WWCode #career-nav


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Code of Conduct + Issue Reporting
Our Code of Conduct applies to all Women Who Code events. Any issues? Reach out to [masked].

How to build a successful go-to-market strategy | WWCode Kyiv

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Ефективна стратегія виходу на ринок є ключовим компонентом успіху продукту. Вона дозволяє компаніям виділяти унікальні переваги продукту, адаптуватись у мінливих ринкових умовах та створювати впізнаваність бренду на сучасному конкурентному ринку, який швидко розвивається.

Долучайтеся до вебінару з Іриною Василенко, Product Management Lead у Ciklum, щоб дізнатися:

  • Чому вам необхідна стратегія виходу продукту на ринок
  • Навіщо та як працювати із персонами покупця
  • Чим відрізняються підходи до комунікацій із В2В та В2С клієнтами
  • Як та за допомогою яких інструментів аналізувати ринок та конкурентів
  • Навіщо працювати із ціновою стратегією
  • Як комунікаційна стратегія залежить від цінової

Про спікерку:

Ірина Василенко — Product Management Lead у Сiklum із понад **10-**річним досвідом роботи в цій галузі. Ірина працювала з компаніями та продуктами на різних етапах розвитку — від стартапу до ентерпрайзу.
Ірина має понад 7 років досвіду в діджитал маркетингу, створювала діджитал присутність великих компаній з нуля. Ірина має 10+ років досвіду у керівництві командами. Вона керувала командами з понад 30 професіоналів, створювала з нуля бізнес-підрозділи, впроваджувала нові бізнес-моделі та виводила компанії на прибутковість. Ірина є сертифікованою SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager.
Її експертиза стане справжньою знахідкою на нашому вебінарі. Завдяки такому потужному досвіду Ірина поділиться унікальними знаннями з управління продуктами.

Цей захід стане в нагоді спеціалісткам та спеціалістам з:

  • Продакт менеджменту
  • Продуктового дизайну
  • Бізнес аналізу
  • Підприємництва
  • Усім охочим розібратися у створенні стратегії виходу на ринок і втіленні її в життя

Мова: Українська

Нагадуємо, що на нашому івенті є обов’язковим дотримання кодексу поведінки https://bit.ly/wwcodekyiv-code-of-conduct.

Реєстрація на meetup є обов’язковою. За день до івенту вам прйде лист з лінком на zoom-підключення до нашої зустрічі.

Реєструючись на цей івент ви даєте згоду на обробку вказаних вами персональних даних для подальшої комунікації від організації Women Who Code Kyiv та її представниць.

An effective go-to-market strategy is a key component for business success. When mastered, it allows companies to distinguish their products or services, navigate shifting market conditions, cultivate customer engagement, and create brand awareness within today’s competitive and rapidly evolving market.

Join the webinar with our Product Management Lead, Iryna Vasylenko, and learn more about:

  • Understanding the importance of developing a go-to-market strategy
  • Defining customer personas and differences between B2B and B2C approaches
  • Conducting market and competitors landscape analysis
  • Establishing a pricing strategy
  • Optimizing distribution and sales funnels
  • Crafting basic messaging strategies

About the speaker:

Iryna Vasylenko is an accomplished Product Management Lead at Сiklum with 10+ years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, Iryna has worked with products at different stages of their lifecycle, from startup to enterprise. She has a data-driven approach with solid product analytics knowledge.

With over 7 years of digital marketing experience, Iryna has also been instrumental in building the digital presence of large companies from scratch. She has managed teams of over 30 professionals, spearheading the development of business units, implementing business processes and models, and generating revenue for startups. Iryna is a certified SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager.

Iryna’s extensive managerial experience spans over a decade. She has a proven track record of building and leading successful teams. Her expertise in product management, digital marketing, and revenue generation makes Iryna Vasylenko a sought-after speaker for our conference.
With such extensive expertise, Iryna can provide unique insights into the product management world.

This event will be most beneficial to:

  • Product managers
  • Product designers
  • Business analysts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone interested in creating a go-to-market strategy and making it real

Language: Ukrainian

Volunteer with Women Who Code: Empower Your Community, Connections & Career

Network event

92 attendees from 9 groups hosting

Link visible for attendees

Empower your community and personal network by learning how to become involved with Women Who Code as a volunteer!

WWCode is a volunteer-driven organization spanning 147 countries; volunteers are at the heart of the WWCode mission, helping diverse technologists thrive in careers through events, mentorship, and resources created and led by our volunteers.

You can directly impact a more diverse tech industry by giving your time, expertise, and passion for tech back to the WWCode community — learn how!

Join us on Thursday, April 6, 2023, for our session, “Volunteer with Women Who Code | Empower Your Community, Connections & Career” in three options:

Why Volunteer with Women Who Code?
In addition to the impact you can have on the tech industry, giving your time and knowledge as a WWCode volunteer can do incredible things for your community and career:

  • Support technologists in YOUR area by supporting events and initiatives in your local Network in your native language about topics that matter to your community.
  • Support your career by gaining leadership skills, making professional connections, and building your resume with hands-on experience.

Many of our volunteers have directly named volunteering with WWCode as the key that unlocked jobs, promotions, and other opportunities. Volunteers have also graduated into WWCode Directors or even full-time WWCode Global Team members.

What You Can Expect at the Session
This fun networking session will allow you to meet other members of the WWCode community around the world, learn about ways you can become involved, and have all your questions about volunteering with WWCode answered.

🎟️ Registration
Join us on Thursday, April 6, 2023, in three options:

📣 Spread the Word
Invite other technologists to become involved with WWCode to share their passion and talent with the tech community. Spread the word about this event on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and tag @womewhocode with the hashtags #WWCode

Code of Conduct + Issue Reporting
Our Code of Conduct applies to all Women Who Code events. Any issues? Reach out to [masked]

🔎 Questions?
Reach us at [masked]

WWCode Dev Summit: Mobile & Web | Online Global Tech Event

Network event

379 attendees from 81 groups hosting

Link visible for attendees

🌟 Join the WWCode Global team for an international online technical event focused on mobile, web, and front end careers and development! 🌟

🤝 About WWCode Dev Summits

WWCode Dev Summits are online technical conferences hosted by WWCode Technical Tracks, taking a deep dive into important issues, industry trends, and career insights in specific tech stacks.

At the WWCode Dev Summits, you can expect to:

  • Level up your technical knowledge through live, hands-on learning.
  • Learn about career opportunities and resources with WWCode Partners and WWCode membership.
  • Connect and network with other developers who share your passion for tech.

🗣️ Apply to Speak: CFP (Call for Proposal) by April 2, 2023

We are accepting proposals for this event! Share your expertise in mobile and web development and career insights with our community. Be a part of empowering women to excel in their tech careers with your talk. Submit your idea for a live, virtual talk or workshop, on all things mobile and web development. Diverse and first-time speakers are encouraged to apply. Deadline: April 2, 2023

Learn more and apply to speak.

🗓 About the WWCode Dev Summit: Mobile & Web

Register now with your free Community Ticket to join our global community online on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, for a half day of live technical sessions, hands-on workshops, community panels, and inspiring talks.

This summit will focus on Mobile, Front End, and Web development and career trends. Past WWCode events in these stacks focused on programming languages, application development, accessibility, machine learning, UX/IU design, security, and more.

Save your seat now to get updates as we announce sessions and speakers.

Why you should attend:

  • Connect and network with other members of the WWCode community and WWCode hiring partners to learn about new opportunities.
  • Invest in your technical skills by catching up on the latest trends and hearing from industry experts.
  • Experience our incredible community of diverse technologists for an inspiring event where you belong.

💻 This is an online event. Register now.


🎟️ Registration & Tickets

Register with your free Community Ticket for full access to the event sessions and resources. Be sure to share the ticket with a friend or colleague, too!


📣 ​Help Spread the Word!

Let other technologists know about this exciting online Dev Summit! Please share this message on your social media and other platforms.

Register now for the WWCode Dev Summit: Mobile & Web for a half day of tech talks, workshops, and networking in all things Mobile, Front End, and Web Development. Register: mobileweb.womenwhocode.dev #WWCode


Code of Conduct + Issue Reporting

Women Who Code is dedicated to providing an empowering experience for everyone who participates in or supports our community. Our events are intended to inspire women to excel in technology careers, and anyone who is there for this purpose is welcome. Because we value the safety and security of our members and strive to have an inclusive community, we do not tolerate harassment of members or event participants in any form.
Our Code of Conduct applies to all Women Who Code events. Any issues? Reach out to [masked].

Past events (120)

Acing Your Next Tech Interview with SThree | WWCode Global Event

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