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WWCodeManila's Game Dev Study Group - GameSalad (Beginner)

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Thank you Canva for hosting our study group this week. Canva creates tools that empower the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Fun Fact: Their venue is PWD friendly. They have designed it to be accessible to all. :)

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Why Game Development?

With the continuous growth of the game industry plus the birth of smartphones and tablets, today's gaming has significantly improved. Games can now be deployed and played in different platforms such as Android, iOS, etc.


In this session, we will explore GAMESALAD. A platform to create games using drag, drop and simple logic.


In prep for this event:

Continue what you have done from our last meetup, it's time for us to show and tell! We will also continue and try to finish what we have started before. :)

For newcomers:

1. Bring your laptop and mouse.

2. Imagine what your game will be and prepare some assets, background, image of characters and objects etc.

3. Download and install GameSalad for your specific device.

***Note: You will be asked to create an account in order for you to download their tool. Instructions are provided on how to install it, once you have downloaded it. We will be provided with a 5 day trial to use their platform.

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NOTE: If you haven't set up in prep for the event, please be there at least 30 mins to prep your machine. The team will be there to assist you.

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Recap from the last 3 sessions Games we have done so far

1. Simple Platform Game - week 1

2. Flappy Bird Style Game. - week 2

3. Brick Breaker Game - Week 3

For this session

Intro on GameSalad how the software works

Game Concepts

Sample Games made in GameSalad

Importing Assets

Will do an activity how a character/main object moves.. (Movement is our main topic).

What is a Technical Study Group?

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We welcome developers of all levels and encourage those with more experience to help out those that are just starting. There's always at least one mentor or leader present to help you with best practices or to guide you through if you are stuck with a nasty problem! :)

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This event is free. No snacks will be provided, please make sure to eat before attending the event. If you want to bring snacks for everyone, just comment below. Thanks. :)

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House Rules

1. Stay in the appropriate areas of the venue.

2. Observe cleanliness.

3. Throw your trash in the trash cans placed around the venue.

4. Observe appropriate behavior.