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JavaScript Study Night - Vue Basics

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JavaScript Study Night - Vue Basics


JavaScript Study Night is a space and time for all people interested in learning JavaScript to study, practice, and learn! We start with reading through code for about an hour - in pairs, groups, or alone if you prefer. Why? Because reading code is just as important as writing it. Afterwards, you’ll have time to self-study, so bring a project or browse our GitHub repo for exercises, ideas, and resources:

Welcome, Carrie Scono from WWCode Cincinnati! For this Vue workshop we'll be going through a few guided CodePens to learn the fundamentals of Vue. We'll start with a HelloVue pen to learn the basics of how to start any Vue app. We'll then take a look at a more comprehensive pen covering display templates, data fetching, and lifecycle methods. Finally, we'll build a pen covering the basics of components, conditional rendering, and animations.

We'll be doing most of our work in CodePen ( which is free to use either as an anonymous user, or with a free account. In order to participate, you will need to bring a laptop with access to a browser. If you would like to save your work from this workshop, sign up for a free CodePen account (

Carrie Scono is an Ohio born software developer and Vue enthusiast. She started her journey into computer science after taking an intro to Java course in college and discovering programming can, in fact, be for girls. She graduated two years later from The Ohio State University with a degree in Computer Science. After a short stint at a financial institution in Columbus, she found an amazing opportunity at Kroger (yes, the grocery chain), which granted her the ability to move to the incredible city of Portland where she is currently honing her front end skills. Follow her on Twitter (@NoNoScono) to see her retweet the ideas of others.



5:30-5:45 :: arrive, settle in, grab food, mingle
5:45-6:00 :: welcome, explain code reading exercise
6:00-7:00 :: practice reading code
7:00-8:00 :: self-study


Thanks to Act-On for sponsoring and hosting us!

Act-On Software is a marketing automation software company that empowers marketers to do the best work of their careers. Visit their careers page for more information on current open positions:


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