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Algorithms by OrbitalRX

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Juniper A. and Lisa S.
Algorithms by OrbitalRX



This is a monthly meetup for coders at all levels to collaboratively whiteboard and solve algorithm questions! You will work in small groups in your preferred language. We will have a set of algorithm problems like ones you’ll find on code challenge sites, at varying difficulty levels.

Beginners Welcome! If you want to attend but aren’t sure where to start, we will have a beginners break-out session to introduce algorithms and programmatic problem solving. We encourage you to work with a group on solving problems, it’s a great opportunity to learn through hands-on practice with your peers.

You can expect 4-6 problems addressing a particular pattern or skill (sorting, filtering, recursion), along the lines of problems you might find on sites like HackerRank, CodeWars, or LeetCode. Problems for previous meetups will be posted on github here (

Please RSVP for headcount!


6:30 Welcome announcements from Women Who Code and OrbitalRX
6:45-8:00 Algorithm problem solving


Learning resources:


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