Quality engineering and its challenges

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What is quality engineering, why is it important and what is the process by which the best quality product can be delivered?

No matter whether you’re an experienced engineer or just starting your career in the software industry, one of your biggest challenges is to create high quality products that satisfy customer needs.

In this edition of Women Who Code Sofia we’re very pleased to have Rayna Stankova explain what is quality engineering and share her experience as a quality engineer. She will help you learn more about the concept of quality engineering, understand why it is becoming increasingly important, what are the challenges and how to be better prepared to overcome them.

Rayna is a software engineer at VMware. She has been testing a diversity of IT systems and is responsible for the quality of web sites, CMS, LMS, e-invoicing portal, VMware products. She is passionate about technology, process improvement, building community and team spirit, science. Last but not least Rayna is focused on the quality of the product and not just on finding its bugs.