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WWCT Study session with 🍧SHAVED ICE🍧

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本Meetupは専門の講垫はいたせん。それぞれ興味のある蚀語を独自に勉匷したり、䞀緒にオンラむンプログラミングコヌスを進めおいきたす。Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp等䜿いたす
もちろん、やりたい事が他にある人はそちらをやっおもらっおもOKです^ ^







Hello ladies! We’ve got a *cool* surprise for this Study session! Yahoo! LODGE has an awesome shaved ice machine that will be specially provided to us for this event! Treat yourself to a nice, cold refreshing serving of shaved ice to help you keep cool during your coding studies! Basic flavored syrups will be provided, but if you have your own flavoring or toppings you’d like to add, please feel free to bring them! 🍧😋🍧😋🍧

Note that we do not have a dedicated instructor; instead we will work on online programming courses together (i.e., Codecademy and Free Code Camp) or you are more than welcome to work on your own project.

Location easily accessible from Nagatacho/Akasaka Mitsuke station! Big thank you to Yahoo! LODGE for providing us this venue!

1) When you arrive at the Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho building, take the elevator to the 18th floor.

2) Sign in and show your ID at the LODGE reception.

3) You will receive a 1day pass; please place it somewhere easily visible on your clothing.

4) Head downstairs and you'll find us!

We'll have snacks, beverages, wifi, and power ready for you!

WWCT is a multilingual group and women of all languages and coding levels are welcome and encouraged to join!
We look forward to seeing you!

※WWCode Tokyoは、自分を女性ず考えるすべおの人達の為に開かれおいたす。

※ WWCode Tokyoは基本的に日本語で進めおいきたす。



※ このむベントは党おの女性の方の為のものです。尚、スポンサヌの方はこの限りではありたせん。(䞀郚制玄あり)

※ WWCode Tokyo's language is primarily in Japanese.

※ Please let us know if you plan to arrive after 7:30pm.

※ Please bring your own laptop and please bring your friends!!

※ Events are intended for people who identify as women unless otherwise noted and are always open to transgender. In addition, sponsors are different.(There is some limitation)