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I had been going to GoSF meetups for about 2 years before I started this group. When the events were small (~50 people), I was usually the only woman. Now the events are larger (~250 people), and I am often still the only woman. This makes me sad.

I am hoping that this group will provide a better entry point for women who are interested in Go.

In sum, this group is for you if:
1. You identify as a woman or another gender minority
2. You have some interest in Go

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Women Who Go at Buoyant: Using GraphQL; Go and Protobuf

---- This class is only for women and other gender minorities. Thanks! ---- Come to hang out with other WWG, eat some food and study up on some Go! Agenda ----------- 6:00 Networking | Food | Drinks 6:30 Speakers ----------- Talk 1: Using GraphQL to write awesome golang APIs (Risha Mars) When writing web applications, API management can be one of the most time-consuming things. GraphQL allows you to build APIs that can easily assemble large amounts of related data, and provide a lot of query flexibility. Risha will talk about how to choose a GraphQL library from the many options out there, and how to implement a simple API with GraphQL. Risha will show how to use it to stitch related data together to provide a flexible and user-friendly API. About Risha: Risha is a Software Engineer at Buoyant and works on the Linkerd 2 control plane, writing APIs, CLIs and dashboards using Go and Javascript. Previously, Risha worked on the Ads team at Twitter, on internal ads tooling and dashboards. ----------- Talk 2: Go and the protobuf: How Protocol Buffers bridge the language gap between Go and Rust in Linkerd (Carol Scott) In this talk, we’ll go over the history, benefits, and drawbacks of Protocol Buffers and why we use protobuf definitions in Buoyant’s open-source service mesh, Linkerd. We’ll look at some code, talk about best practices and conclude with a demo of an application using Protocol Buffers in action. About Carol: Carol is a Software Engineer at Buoyant. Previously, she built the infrastructure for and maintained OutagePlanner, a web application used by industrial plants, labor unions, and contractors to share labor needs. When she’s not writing code she teaches for Girl Develop It SF and volunteers for SF City Guides (a program of the SF Public Library). About our sponsor -------------------------- Buoyant is the commercial support organization behind Linkerd, the CNCF service mesh that gives you observability, reliability, and security for your microservices. At Buoyant we are a team committed to solving real problems for real users in a supportive, friendly environment. Come join us, we're hiring! Buoyant is covering the cost of: - Food & drinks - Space Read more about Buoyant https://buoyant.io/about-us/

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