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Women and Men Network is the Hosting and Supporting Meetup for the Meetup's below These Meetup's are Group Coaching Participation.

in these meetup's each Group will explore modules with topics that effect and touch our lives and the Challenges that come along with it
*these are informational and learning based meetup's available are the meetup group's which are listed below*our meetup's are held on a biweekly basis (Saturday's) these Meetup's Designed to be Motivating,Innovating,Uplifting and Encouraging. I believe "Determination Determines your Destination" The Expectations and Take Away from each Meetup is what you make it each meetup are also listed separately on meetup just go to the meetup page to join or join through this page or feel free to contact me Sheryl


Women Wake Up

explores many of the roles and transitions in women's lives today that can have a major impact on being able to perform both effectively or productively daily such as Family, Parenting, Relationship's and Work

Families Against Mental Illness

This Meetup Centers and Focus itself around Families or Friend's that are sometimes faced with Challenges caring for or dealing with someone close to them that has Mental Illness and learning how to help with being that support system without allowing themselves to become overwhelmed in the process

Women 50 and Beyond

this meetup is for women that are or have already transitioned into a new chapter in life helping each other Emotionally,Mentally and Spiritually keep it together

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