What we're about

Women In Blockchain Barcelona (WIBB) is a project that aims to share and expand knowledge of DLTs and blockchain specifically. The end goal is to culminate this knowledge in a tool that people can use to contribute on redefining different layers of our society, such as governance, identity, economics, etc.

By this we can transform the structures that hold the system we know today, in a non-precedent way.

All this lead by and through women voices, giving more visibility to women in the field.

We operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) (https://rinkeby.aragon.org/#/wibb.aragonid.eth/).

¡Join us to the WIBB DAO!

PS. Men are also welcome.


Here you have some useful info:

- About WIBB Project: https://github.com/womeninblockchainbarcelona/wibb-project

- DAO Address (deployed on Rinkeby Testnet): 0xc0B4682Cf65518fbC0602aF6D735B4fcaBd8B080

- WIBB Token Contract: 0x7d4ccf6af2f0fdad48ee7958bcc28bdef7b732c7

- Instructions for becoming member of our DAO:

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