What we're about

We all know that blockchain technology is capable of providing solutions for many current issues.

These meetups will be informal sessions to discuss blockchain, meet other women, who are currently in the industry or want to get into blockchain start-ups and understand the industry.

It's a free-flowing format agenda.

I am the new organizer of this Meetup group and I have shared a little about myself in the video below.


Ultimately, I would like to welcome you to this meetup, because If we can bring diverse people to the table, we can inevitably introduce diverse and creative minds who can potentially see problems from a unique perspective.

Come along discuss, learn and share your experience regarding the blockchain in a supportive environment.

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WiBT Special - Let's Talk Women, Equality & Inclusion in Blockchain

------Please purchase your ticket here - http://bit.ly/WIBT-March------ Women in Blockchain Talks is back on Wednesday 18th March for another monthly edition of straight-talking, personal storytelling and lesson sharing conversations, but this time with a twist! To celebrate International Women’s Day we are going to flip the script and handover the WiBT’s platform to four key male industry leaders and champions of gender parity and inclusion in business, life and specifically the blockchain space. As we know, blockchain technology is different from other emerging technologies. Bridget Greenwood, from The Bigger Pie puts it succinctly - “From changing the way we view money and providing financial capabilities to the unbanked, to providing identification to the displaced amongst us, to disrupting supply chains, and establishing provenance throughout the entire journey of goods from origin to the end-user and so much more, blockchain technology has the promise of disrupting every sector across both developed and undeveloped countries.” Blockchains technology creates a transparent, trustless and permissionless environment taking out the middle man (decentralization) and creating a fairer and equal playing field for all. However, society, especially a capitalist and corporate orientated one, is not built that way! Evidence shows that currently, women represent less than 10% of those involved in this emerging tech. So, how do we change the narrative in this burgeoning and innovative space? Well, there are numerous all-female communities promoting education and empowerment to women in blockchain as well as communities and events like mine that are female-led but open to all genders. So, with that being said, I am inviting male champions onto the WiBT platform at ConsenSys on Wednesday 18th March to talk about women, parity and inclusion with the community. I want to know if they think there is an equality problem in this space? If yes, what does it look like to them? What solutions do they see in eradicating it? What are they doing in this space to personally create gender parity rather than simply equality? How can the blockchain led businesses be a shining example of equality to other industries? Is this really a priority? And if yes, why? This is not a conversation you want to miss! At the end of the day the ‘gender equality and parity’ question is not a conversation we should be having alone or a mission we should be promoting singularly. Will you join me and my guest speakers: Alex Fazel of Swissborg, Obi Nwosu of Coinfloor, Tim Coleman, EthLdn & On Yavin of Cointelligence for an evening of what will be an enlightening conversation, networking and learning?! Agenda 18.15pm – 18:30pm Networking 18:30 – 19:00 - Welcome & WIBT Updates 19:00 – 19:45 Panel Discussion 19:45 – 20:15 – Q&A 20:15 -20:55pm - Networking Get your tickets TODAY! And share, share, share!! Warm regards, Lavinia Founder & Host of WiB Talks Blockchain Influencer & Enthusiast

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