What we're about

We all know that blockchain technology is capable of providing solutions for many current issues.

These meetups will be informal sessions to discuss blockchain, meet other women, who are currently in the industry or want to get into blockchain start-ups and understand the industry.

It's a free-flowing format agenda.

I am the new organizer of this Meetup group and I have shared a little about myself in the video below.


Ultimately, I would like to welcome you to this meetup, because If we can bring diverse people to the table, we can inevitably introduce diverse and creative minds who can potentially see problems from a unique perspective.

Come along discuss, learn and share your experience regarding the blockchain in a supportive environment.

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WiBT: Hosted by Lavinia Osbourne with guests Thessy Mehrain and Rhian Lewis

Women in Blockchain Talks is the award-winning female-led monthly educational and networking event where dynamic women in the industry share their knowledge, thoughts, and insights on their tech, career and business journey! We also touch on key developments in the industry. Come and be inspired as well as motivated into action! Blockchain newbies, experts and all those in between are welcome! As are men!!!!! Lavinia Osbourne, host and founder of WiBT, will discuss with Rhian and Thessy why they got into Blockchain; how they got started, their area of expertise and any advice they'd give to women (and men) wanting to create their place in this innovative and rapidly progressive industry. Women in Blockchain Talks aims to elevate women working, investing and creating solutions on the blockchain. To inspire and motivate other women (and men) wanting to start a career in Blockchain and show them how they can get started. Women in Blockchain Talks introduces followers and attendees to blockchain technology through networking, and the social but intimate art of conversation via a lively and engaging interview hosted by Lavinia D. Osbourne. Lavinia, through WiBT, was nominated for a National Diversity Award for Community Organisation (Gender) for WiBT, as well as for The Best Diversity Resource/Initiative Award by The Inclusive Companies Awards 2020, has a history of creating platforms and events around women empowerment, be it from the successfully ran events Infinitely Wealthy Women to the one-off controversial but also successful event 'Bitcoins, Blockchain & Babes'. Blockchain is gender-neutral but unfortunately society isn't. So, through these monthly events, we hope to inject the industry with diversity and inclusion by shining a spotlight on a diverse range of 'up and coming,' as well as established, female leaders. Join us on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 6:30pm GMT online to share knowledge and experiences as well as network! To see the Agenda please register your place by going here - https://www.airmeet.com/e/7158b660-11ee-11eb-9180-f75161baafe2 WiBT is a supportive environment to learn, connect and ask questions, so join us and if you like what you see then join WiBT burgeoning community on Telegram! Warm regards, Lavinia Founder & Host of WiBTalks Blockchain Influencer & Consultant

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