What we're about

The unique cases of women in the growing crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt-coins) and blockchain tech. The aim is to showcase what crypto-women are doing, and to encourage more women to join the digital revolution we’re creating, together! As you think about the growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt-coin and ICO, what is one thing you think the investors, entrepreneurs, and cryptographers, crypto-hackers is missing today? As you think about this industry, what do you think will happen in the short term?

We are highlighting all of the wonderful women in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem and the various types of roles they play. We rely on you, the community, to help us curate a list as we don't always have clear visibility into the many ways women contribute to our ecosystem. We also are frequently asked to curate panels or offer up speakers for various industry, tech, and VC events. Let us know if you're open to these opportunities. We will not share any personal contact information before asking you.

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