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Black History Month: Diversity in DevOps

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Lucy Eloise N.
Black History Month: Diversity in DevOps


Join us for another meaningful and empowering panel discussion acknowledging that even though the DevOps industry is progressive, there is more work done to achieve a truly inclusive workforce. An opportunity to amplify influential black voices in technology to discuss experiences, strategies, and celebrate achievements.

A co-branded webinar bringing together Women in DevOps and Coding Black Females. Despite national conversations about gender diversity in DevOps, women are still underrepresented. Of the 25 percent of women working in tech, Asian women make up just 5 percent of that number, while Black and Hispanic women accounted for 3 percent and 1 percent, respectively (CIO report, 2020).

Itinerary (GMT):
6.00pm - 7.30pm - Panel Discussion with Live Q&A
7.00pm - 7.30pm - Virtual Networking

Join the discussion here (6 PM GMT):

Join the networking here (7 PM GMT):

- 6.00 – 6.50 - Panel Discussion
- 6.50 – 7.00 – Live Q&A
- 7.00 – 7.30 – Virtual Networking

Our Panel:
- Siobhan Baker - Software Engineer and Leadership Team at Coding Black Females (Chair)
- Rihanna Kedir - Software Engineer
- Rianne Lewis - Associate Software Engineer at News UK
- Gbemisola Ojo - Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer at Accenture UK

Siobhan Baker
Siobhan first entered tech in 2017 as the Community Manager for a UK social enterprise aiming to get more women into the industry. Whilst there she scaled their community offering almost threefold - delivering over 200 activities including free coding courses. She left just over a year later to pursue a coding internship, which pivoted her into full-stack software development at 8th Light. Outside of work, Siobhan volunteers with Coding Black Females on their leadership team. She is also actively questioning how to blend her interests in art, philosophy, and coding.

Rihanna Kedir
Rihanna is a Software Engineer and crafter from Ethiopia, Italy. Rihanna is a women tech-makers ambassador as well as a GDG lead and Google developer expert in Web, Dart, and Flutter. Prior to starting her career in tech, Rihanna worked for four years as an accountant while taking courses in Art and Fashion Design. She eventually began working as a Fashion Accessory designer but soon after, felt compelled to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Her past working experiences and creativity led to her passion for web and mobile technologies. Rihanna strongly believes in the importance of sharing knowledge and experience; in her free time, she volunteers as a mentor and often organises various events such as hackathons and tech-conferences.

Gbemisola Oja
Gbemisola is a Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer from Accenture UK with vast experience managing cloud infrastructures in AWS and automating software development process using Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipelines. Gbemisola is also a Certified Apache Cassandra Database Administrator. She has a bachelor's and master's degree in Mechanical Engineering; her strong passion for technology and an appetite for life-long learning was the reason she chose a career in Technology. Gbemisola developed programming skills independently and continues to gain new sets of skills through practical projects, constantly expanding her capacity in the IT industry.

Rianne Lewis
Hailing from the multicultural metropolis of London, Rianne Lewis is an Associate Software Engineer. Her career pivoted into DevOps after completing the 12-week intensive programme and passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam, she successfully interviewed at News UK.
Seven months in as a Software Engineer, Rianne’s day to day tasks involves finding solutions from a Systems Engineer perspective. This includes, managing the infrastructure that different teams build their apps on through AWS. Outside of work, Rianne is a music enthusiast.
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