May meetup: How AI ready are you?


Artificial intelligence is at the company's doorsteps when it hasn't already set foot.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence offer amazing opportunities for product and process innovation. Organizations must evolve rapidly to integrate this new approach to information technology and adapt as a whole.

What is possible today, what is the order of myth? Where and how do you start, what are the issues?

Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti is co-founder of ImpactIA, a foundation focusing on the impact AI has or will have on work, displacement of jobs, the consequences on the human being and the frameworks necessary for a societal balance.

Please note that the presentation will be held in French with English translation. Slides will be in English - true Geneva-style!

This is a free event. Contributions for drinks and/or food are made by participants. No obligation to get fancy, although you can if you'd like to :) Please, no chips, our stock still has plenty :-)

Karen, Julia & the WDS Team


Map to get to CREA

Please note: Take tram number 15 you to Pictet-Thellusson. If you're coming by car, you can park at the Parking de l'Etoile or Vernets. Do NOT park at Media Markt or you might get stuck there ;)