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Women in IT ( http://www.kvinnor.it ) is a non-profit, independent group that is active in bringing women together in face to face events. This group aims to be a safe, open and inclusive environment for every woman working, studying or interested in IT. Being part of Women in IT should feel like being part of a family where asking questions, sharing stories and learning from each other is encouraged when we meet.

Women in IT will continue to be the natural meeting place for women in this industry to empower each other and also together find a way to inspire younger girls to pursue a career within IT.

How it all began
Women in IT is the result of a female software engineer, Samaneh, that wanted to connect with other women within IT. It all started with weekly female developer lunches at Lindholmen with some colleagues and friends. The lunches repeated for more than a year and the number of participants grew. It was obvious that there was a need for a community not connected to a single company. However there are many different companies that has supported the group during this journey.

As a minority both due to the male dominated industry but also having Sweden as her second and current home since 2008, it also felt important for Samaneh to highlight the power and importance of diversity within this industry.

please contact samaneh@kvinnor.it if:
- you would like to collaborate, share some news or tell your story.
- this group has helped you in any way (big or small). It would be great to know about your success story.
- you have some suggestions for this group or future events.

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Women in IT - Event #28

Online event

We still see and feel the shadow of COVID-19 in our daily lives. Hope you all are safe. Let’s have another virtual Women in IT event where we can meet and share some ideas with each other. Agenda: 18:00 - 18:30 Josefine Svegborn, Co-founder & Head of Product @Knodd Starting a tech startup is an exciting and scary but incredibly rewarding thing to do. Unfortunately, there are still relatively few female founders in Sweden and one of the things holding people back is that it is hard to know where to start. Josefine will talk about why (or why not) to start a startup and share some experiences that Josefine have picked up since founding Knodd two years ago. 18:30 - 19:00 Lena Green, CEO & Founder @Bravehouse “Own you own destiny”, Lena will talk about her journey from school to where she is today. She will share personal setbacks, insights and joys and hope to inspire others to be brave. Hope to see many of you :) /Samaneh

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Women in IT - Event #27

Online event

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