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This is a Meetup for dynamic women who want to become financially free by learning from real women investors who have created cash flow and financial independence. Our goal is to support each other on the path to Financial Independence. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned investor, you will grow stronger in your knowledge and uplift other women while you are at it. Join us both live and online to hear real women who will speak about their deals, their experience and how they built their wealth. We will also go through real deals. Oh and have FUN! We will meet at different locations around the South Bay. So stay tuned!

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Creating Cash Flow: Real Estate from AtoZ (2 nights)

Torrance Adult School

If you are new to real estate investing OR you're an investor looking for ways to increase your cash flow opportunities, then this workshop is for you! 😎

Athena Paquette has been a real estate investor in all kinds of assets classes for over 20 years and own in CA and out of state and has been out of the the Robert Kiyosaki "rat race" twice.

She is the founder of My Cash Flow Academy, a lending professional and a real estate investment coach.

This workshop, brought to you by Torrance Unified School District's adult school division, has helped people of all walks of life and careers (teachers, engineers, and veterans) buy their first investment property and get on the road to true financial freedom.

We use real life examples and change the case studies every time we give this class.

Normally held at Torrance Unified in class we are online for the next 2 semesters.

NO Gimmicks or Get Rich Quick Schemes!

On Night One (May 6th) we will cover:

>Discover the small money investments ($0 to $20,000 invested)
tax liens, small plexes, etc.

> How to calculate ROI on a small deal

> Types of financing even if you think you don't qualify

> How to finance a property when your tax returns show very little income

> Sources of funds to do your first deal

> Discover the One Income Rule Every Successful Investor Must Know.

> Discover how to go through the numbers and determine what is a good investment and what’s a bad investment.

>Discover how to calculate the “true” return on an investment property.

> Understand how to minimize taxes through real estate's phantom losses (ie the tax benefits of owning real estate)

> Why real estate is a better investment than securities

> Real life case studies of recently purchased properties that yielded
15%+ return and why, where and how we did it

> What is a BRRR and how to get infinite returns from them (infinite =
cash flow with none of your money in it)✨

On Night Two (May 13th) we cover:

> What to buy when you have Medium to big money ($20,000 and up)

> How to buy an apartment building

>How to fix and flip a property.

>How to fix and flip land.

> How to hire a property manager.

> How to determine your personal risk tolerance (very important).

> How to talk like an investor to get

> How to buy a property that will work for STR (short term rentals like VRBO AirBnB) and where it won't

> How to be the bank and earn double digits

> How to Invest Out-of-State and where?

> Do you need an LLC or corporation to be successful?

> How to do Due Diligence.

> Discover resources that will continue to support you on your real estate investment journey.

> Bring your questions!

Includes an 80+ page workbook.

I really hope you'll join me and break into financial freedom!

This class is now in its 25th year with over 500 students and several millionaires created! Come find out why 😊

We are not sure if this will be live or online or both at this time. stay tuned!

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