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This is a Meetup for dynamic women who want to become financially free by learning from real women investors who have created cash flow and financial independence. Our goal is to support each other on the path to Financial Independence. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned investor, you will grow stronger in your knowledge and uplift other women while you are at it. Join us both live and online to hear real women who will speak about their deals, their experience and how they built their wealth. We will also go through real deals. Oh and have FUN! We will meet at different locations around the South Bay. So stay tuned!

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Catherine Bell, Investor and Cash Flow Creator

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Join me as I chat with Catherine Bell, investor, author, Radio host, and philanthropist.

Her personal story is riveting from her growing up at the tippy top of British Columbia to living in the desert of AZ, from being a foster kid at 16 to adopting her 2 children to empowering foster kids across the nation, to surviving a tragedy as a mom most recently. Even more so, you will be spellbound by her Jedi real estate investment strategies!

Catherine Bell, a Radio Show Host, and Financial Jedi Master, Catherine Bell collapses timelines and adds commas to her investor's bank accounts.

As a Hedge Fund owner, Catherine has taken a stand in a male-dominated industry. As a Sentinel of the American Dream and with the purpose of leaving every person, property and community better than she found them she creates wealth for her team and investors. She has been and currently is a buy-and-hold investor, Airbnb investor, Commercial and Residential Builder/ Developer, Mobile Home Park Investor, and Private Money Lender.

Catherine values Family above all; As a result of being adopted at the age of 16, Catherine’s mission in life is to get the 350,000 adoptable children in the US Foster Care System adopted by loving families within her lifetime.

As a woman that owns a Hedge Fund, she has been and currently is a buy-and-hold investor, Airbnb investor, Commercial and Residential Builder/ Developer, Mobile Home Park Investor, and Private Money Lender.

Catherine is a Radio show host of the American Dream Impactor show whose mission is to empower, educate, and influence those looking to bolster their self-esteem, build wealth, and create their own American Dream.

Let’s find out how she built her wealth, chose her niches in real estate, what she is doing to pivot in today’s new markets, and how she scaled into mega cash flow together.

I know you will walk away with gems of wisdom to make your American Dream come true!
When: Sep 28, 2022, 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Creating Cash Flow with Real Estate from A to Z

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Join experienced real estate investor and mortgage broker Athena Paquette for this 3-hour intensive and riveting class on how YOU can create passive income with real estate investing.

Topics covered include investing for fast equity, investing out of state and which states are right, small units and big units, flipping, using OPM, and more. Real current deals are used as examples.

This class changes every time, so repeat students are welcome. Includes 100-page workbook. Ideal for beginning and experienced investors.

RSVP: https://tastusd.asapconnected.com/#CourseID=130053[ ](https://tastusd.asapconnected.com/#CourseID=[masked]

Brown is the New Gold *Three Chord Bourbon

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Brown is the New Gold by Pat Benatar (well her hubby) and friends!

We'll learn about an investment type that is not in our usual wheelhouse but is trending. Not wine, not tequila but BOURBON! The brown liquids are becoming more and more popular with millennials especially because of the huge resurgence of the crafted cocktails of yesteryear (Old Fashion anyone?) and newer inventions as well. More and more celebrities are trying their hand at the business creating even more buzz.

Join me for an educational chat with the Chief Investment Officer for Three Chords Bourbon Anthony Nanula. This is the creation of Neil Giraldo (Pat Benatar's husband) and Ari Sussman Bourbon Master.
Their product line includes Bourbon, Rye, and blends.

Why did they decide to go into Bourbon creation as opposed to another business or even another liquor?

How does Ari create a perfectly tuned taste to differentiate from others?
How does this business work, where do they get their juice to produce their product, where do they produce it, and how do they plan to scale?

What is their distribution and creative marketing plan to have these musical names' treats become popular enough to make their investors happy too?

While this is an educational event to learn about this part of the business world we will be going over an opportunity for accredited investors only. If you are not sure whether you are an accredited investor you can call your CPA google it online or call me for directions.

If you want to sip before the chat, their creations are available at Total Wines.

Reverse 1031 Exchanges w/ Bill Exeter & how to Finance Them with Athena Paquette

Reverse 1031 Exchanges With Bill Exeter, CEO of Exeter Companies

Why you want to find the property first:

  • Your departing property is easy to sell but the new one is not as easy to find and buy
  • You don’t want to buy under the pressure of the 45-day time clock ticking on the identification period
  • You don’t want to pick something just because time ran out
  • Sellers don’t want contingent offers even in the commercial area
  • Sometimes the great deal shows up when you least expect it and you have to move FAST to get it – no time to market and sell the old property.


How do you buy that one first and still qualify for a 1031 exchange?

Enter the Reverse 1031 Exchange! And there are 2 ways to do them.

Join us as we discuss the 2 ways to BUY NOW and SELL Later using the Reverse Exchange, unless you have a ton of cash, you will be glad to know that we will also discuss how to finance the whole thing.

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