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Are you a woman between the ages of 40 to 60, who is going through a life transition?

Are your kids older and don't need you as much as they used to? Has your relationship with your spouse taken an unexpected turn and you now need to figure out what comes next? Are you bored in your career and would love to do something you are passionate about? Are your friendships changing and you crave more meaningful interactions? Is your body maturing and you can't seem to figure out what looks good on you anymore?

You are NOT alone! As we live our lives, we go through transformations. The roles we play in the world as parents, as spouses, as employees change and our values and priorities shift. With all these comes a search for a new identity and purpose.

If you are searching for your new identity authentic to your true nature and want to own it confidently to build your new life, YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!

Come and join us in this group and let's talk, share and figure it out together.

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Hello Ladies,

It has been a long time since we saw one another. I hope you are all doing well and will join us on August 27th from 12-2 pm at The Gathering Lighthouse in Lombard.

In this event, we will have a 2-hr Workshop called LIFE AFTER COVID.

Our world has gone through a lot within the last couple of years... talk about a "Transition". Although we are somewhat back to normal in our day-to-day lives, the "normal" as we know it will never be the same again. Throughout history, our planet and humanity have gone through many shifts. The difference is, this time, it was global and affected every race, every nation, and every religion. The experience was a big lesson for humanity and it is not over yet. We are now just starting to experience the aftermath.

We may have a difficult transition ahead of us, but this is not something to be fearful about. Because, on the other side of it lays a beautiful world. We can look at it in two ways. We can see this experience as horrific, focus on the negatives, and cling to survival mode. OR we can see it as an opportunity to create something better for humanity, focus on the positives and hold on to that vision for thriving societies. We have two options. We can chose faith or we can chose fear. And whatever we choose to focus on, we are going to create!

What we are facing might be a global situation, but the solution starts at an individual level. We must first focus on the "Self" to create a change in the collective. So, in this workshop, we will work on our mental and emotional states. We will practice shifting our focus to see things from a different perspective. We will learn to hold space for everything that is happening around us. So, we can be in it and observe it, but we won't let it pull us down to fear, worry, and anger. We will talk about the spiritual aspect of this shift, why it is happening, and how we can position ourselves for an easier ride. In the end, as always, we will have an open discussion about our individual experiences and share helpful practices.

To support The Gathering Lighthouse and cover some of the group charges, we will have a $25 fee for this event. I know it will be worth it. I know you will leave feeling much more optimistic about what lies ahead and gain valuable information to implement in your life immediately.

I look forward to seeing you all.
Love and light,

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