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WiSE (Women in Software Engineering) is a community organized by Codesmith, that supports the empowerment and equal representation of women and other minority groups in software engineering, specifically, as well as the broader tech industry.

Every month, we host talks, panels and workshops led by powerful women leading innovation in technology. All are welcome to attend!


We’d love to continue our efforts to empower and support women in tech by hosting more events throughout the year. We’re always looking for companies and speakers that would like to help us carry our mission forward.

If you have a project you’d like to talk about, are working on something you find interesting, or are passionate about a certain technology and would like to share it with our community, email us at hello@codesmith.io.

Upcoming events (1)

Women's Web Development Fundamentals: HTML and CSS (Remote Only)

To secure your spot, and receive more informational material please be sure to RSVP on our website here: https://codesmith.io/coding-events/women-s-web-development-fundamentals-html-and-css-remote-only/1390

Join Codesmith and a community of women, trans, and non-binary coders during this online-only, interactive workshop to master the fundamentals of HTML & CSS! We're excited to grow the women in tech community by hosting an all women event, with a female instructor and female mentors. We look forward to creating a safe and welcoming space for women, trans, and non-binary coders. We ask if you don't identify as female, trans, or non-binary that you attend any of our other free workshops.

This live interactive workshop is designed specifically with beginners in mind! You will walk away with a new understanding of the core elements that make up HTML to add content to a web page, and the fundamental pieces of CSS to bring it to life.

We'll cover the concepts that are the foundation of all web development so you can confidently use them as you work on harder concepts to come.


- Text elements (headings, paragraphs, lists)

- Division elements

- Styling Selectors (elements, class and id)

Price: Always free!

Experience Level: All experience levels welcome. We recommend getting started on our free JavaScript learning platform CSX (https://csx.codesmith.io/) and working on the Precourse unit before the workshop.

We also host free workshops every week to help you master JavaScript and learn the skills needed to land a job as a software engineer.

Check out our upcoming free workshops:

- Intro to JavaScript

- JavaScript the Hard Parts Series

- Career Service Workshops

- Pair Programming Sessions

View the full events schedule. (https://codesmith.io/coding-events)

In order to maintain a supportive and safe learning environment, all event attendees are required to follow Codesmith's Event Code of Conduct (https://codesmithdocs.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/Codesmith+Documents/Code+of+Conduct+-+Events.pdf).

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