What we're about

Having worked for many years in the Tech industry, I had the chance to collaborate with amazing women that motivated and inspired me to follow my dreams. At the same time, I met many women who had great potential however they were facing many barriers to pursue a successful career within that industry such as conscious and unconscious biases, lack of awareness regarding tech roles and limited access to female role models and professional mentors.

The goal of the Women In Tech Club is to bring together a range of voices from successful women within the Technology industry that will offer guidance for boosting women’s success and increase equality in the workplace. The upcoming events will give you the opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, get inspired and receive the support you need to succeed.

The mission of Women in Tech Club is to:

• Encourage more women to pursue a career in Tech

• Give access to successful female role models

• Support peer-to-peer learning exchange

• Create a community where women can support and empower each other

• Help women develop the skills that can lead to their professional advancement

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Failing your way to success

Buckingham Palace Road

Free Networking Event

The Jones Family Project

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