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#WomenInTech JHB is a community dedicated to empower women in tech, expose more women to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and for everyone else who want to learn more about Tech.

We encourage men and women from all walks of life to be part of this group, as we are strong believers that the more diversity, the better the solution. The more we try to understand and accept each other, the sooner we can start supporting each other and working together to bridge the gap.

This is a space where we can collaborate and connect with inspiring individuals working in STEM at in-person or online events, webinars, workshops, etc.

Join us on our Mission to unite Women in Tech and develop your Leadership skills, learn more about work (r)evolution, the new and different ways of working in what is currently our ‘new normal’, discuss the latest digital trends & innovations and this is a great opportunity to expand your network.

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Imposter syndrome - a panel discussion

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It's been some time since last we met. I'm happy to announce that we will be rebooting this meetup. Can I get a Woot woot!

We'll be kicking off with a panel discussion about imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is a pretty normal thing in tech - there's just so much to know! And people break into this field with very different sets of foundational knowledge.

The fact that it's such a normal thing means that there are a lot of really amazing people who have struggled with it and overcome it. There are a lot of strategies that work.

It's definitely worth talking about.

This discussion will be relevant to you if you:
- suffer from imposter syndrome yourself
- work with people who suffer from imposter syndrome and want to help them shine

...that's most of you right?

# Your panelists

To be announced

# Logistics

This will be an online event. I'll give you some details about how it'll all work because I think you wonderful nerds will appreciate it :)

- The panelists will be having a live, real-time discussion
- That discussion will be live-streamed on Youtube
- You'll join via Youtube
- The participants on Youtube will be able to post questions and comments for the panelists to discuss

In the experience of your host, these kinds of panel discussions are pretty engaging. It would be lovely if you could join us for the live event. If you can't make it for whatever reason, the recording will be available on Youtube.

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International Women's Day Event honouring Women in Tech

This event has passed