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Women In Tech, Warwickshire (@WiT_Warw / https://twitter.com/WiT_Warw ) is a meetup group which unites and empowers women who work in, and have an interest in finance and technology.

Incredible women drive Tech forward every single day. We’re here to celebrate the amazing work they do for the sector and to address the changing landscape around gender diversity within the industry.

Maybe you'd like to be one of our guest speaker or can recommend someone who would be awesome? Wait no more and get in touch here, on Twitter (@WiT_Warw / https://twitter.com/WiT_Warw ) or by e-mail at wit.warwickshire@gmail.com .

We discussed in having a place where we can continue the networking, welcome new members, but also to discuss different topics outside of these meetup events. And that's why we now have a Slack workspace! Please join us by using this link (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt-2FuST3Q0bI9BN6e1NoEtwkf8t5IADk1kfm36nyBivbb9OcmrlT6fl-2FZRYO1KuOQ0uTjg-2FV17Cuy2gFf03Zs-2Fs5drQj3NwKMoTltKxNg2m2XkK-2FinSZsWBWUA2lzmRHvxgbIOKaJv52e-2FeA1oYQjZh-2BqRY7Ce501No-2BLI1T1iNpSwNWRtyBTl5YrMY9sTqIAHDCLKZ0v9lvQrQ4DdGlgqirA-3D_UWOEnbh3rer2vAi74-2FDWSv0XUXdH4ZkgoeLdWgfxbmFqFBeb7XmcxIW1hxwknqFjBFFXH3Kwb-2F5RTot8mH0tlpBXBm1dXrZuGvamyopyI7cCelCwcqD6Op4aMpV5evhhUeXf9MS4XZiA7C-2B1rK09VJJqsMe8MKl32O09K-2F3ozuza2vd-2BEPDYaYPmpAY47E8SpNuzPaH8RIKfmsBh4FxUic2xQs2-2FXi1Y4ZsSlLxc6so-3D).

If you're new to Slack, you can find here (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt-2FwlskD-2FKVL3UzTUDkJamfoCSXboyokyrn-2BeNKcDtH3RTx1PY-2BcKwSBw4PzT5FuFMrqqAJd8-2F2VShXykKOLfWYR3yG6OfT9r7hd51jEXRn-2Bd_UWOEnbh3rer2vAi74-2FDWSv0XUXdH4ZkgoeLdWgfxbmFqFBeb7XmcxIW1hxwknqFjBFFXH3Kwb-2F5RTot8mH0tlg1OL3BYVu7KUcdvxoHFMUhmZByRGh4VITEsY4ythzIpqzQe-2BvDItnvsLC-2BkzR3Rskcwgb-2BX-2FtFrbCZaJnFM7ga7ETP4gcRZY3WzF9bdmI3WYPl5agCHxR7k5fjUHn1b-2FNqcYlJZp7txbUEB7EEMbwc-3D) documentation for new members on how you can join a workspace, how you can setup your profile and also how you can use it.

We aim to offer support, friendship, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Come and join us!

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