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Mission: To build a strong community to support, mentor and promote leadership and careers for women in technology in the North of the UK. Women in tech is a never-ending conversation. Does it swirl around a set of anxieties we share in our underrepresented gender — anxieties we might not even understand? More than ever, women in technology need to support each other. Encourage each other. Be each other’s cheerleaders, boosters and sponsors. Pipeline problems aren’t solved at the top, remember, but at the bottom. There’s a massive gender gap in the tech sector and it’s a fact we need to be aware of.
- The fact that women are under-represented – only 1 in 10 IT workers in the IT industry are women
- The fact that women are paid 16% less than their male counterparts doing the same job But is being aware enough? Absolutely NOT. However, being aware is definitely a starting point for us to change the face of technology. We want you all to think about what we, as a group and as individuals can do to eliminate this gap. Ambitions:
- Contribute to change the gender imbalance in the IT industry for the future
- Find professional fulfilment
- Inspire and persuade others to step up, achieve more, reach higher

We are here to: Connect the professional, creative, innovative and hard-working women to achieve their full potential

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Barclays Eagle Lab Manchester

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