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This is a group for women of color who are storytellers and filmmakers. Writers, Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, and more. Exchange of ideas, networking, and skill building. Support for projects from inception to production to premiere. A collective of skills that will help each other attain our ultimate goals in the entertainment industry. Hollywood is looking for us, especially behind the camera. This is an opportunity to help each other get there.

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WOCF Fall Film Challenge

Needs a location

Now that school is starting and summer is winding down, it’s time to gear up for the Fall Film Challenge. The films from the challenge will be part of our filmmakers showcase at the WOCF anniversary on November 19th. This challenge is meant to demonstrate your filmmaking skills so we added some camera movement requirements to enhance how you visually tell your story.

In this challenge you will have to create a film that has the following:

  1. Dutch angle
  2. Frame within a Frame
  3. A character must say the phrase “…It's insane but I like it..."

We will accept up to 6 films total for this challenge to screen at the WOCF Virtual Anniversary Celebration in mid-November. Your film can be any genre and no longer than 10 minutes. If you are a writer you are encouraged to team up with directors, cinematographers, and actors, etc. from our group. You can shoot your film on any type of device and you must adhere to the COVID-19 mandates in your area. All scripts are due 08/29/22. We will review all scripts in a special virtual Script Writer’s Circle on 08/31/22 and give you feedback. All shorts must be submitted by 11/8/22 at 11:55 pm PST. All films will be eligible for The Audience Choice Award (virtual guests will vote electronically) and The WOCF Filmmakers Award (selected by a panel of industry judges).

Rules/Guidelines: All films must have the required camera movement, framing, and phrase to qualify for the awards.

• If you are shooting on your phone you must shoot horizontally.
• If you are using actors outside your home you must follow the social distancing mandate in your area. It is recommended that you have a COVID Compliance Officer on your set at all times.
• Your film can be any genre but no longer than 10 minutes. Any film longer than 10 minutes will be disqualified.
• You can use actors and crew outside of WOCF but your cast & crew must be 75% female. You are encouraged to seek actors and crew from the disabled and hearing-impaired community.
•You must use royalty-free or original music in your film. Any film using commercial music will be disqualified.
• All scripts are due by noon 08/29/22 to be reviewed by the Script Writer’s Circle participants on 08/31/22 and should be emailed in PDF form along with your photo to [masked]
• All final films are due by 11:55 pm PST on 11/8/22. You will be given submitting instructions after your script is reviewed on 08/29/22.

If you have any questions email us at [masked]

Virtual Indie Director's Workshop Sundays 09/11/22-10/02/22

Needs a location

The Virtual Director's workshop, taught by Landi Maduro is designed for new directors and indie filmmakers who want to make their films look cinematic on a minimal budget.

Class will be held Sundays

This class is open to everyone. You do not have to be a WOC or WOCF member to participate.

The price of the class is $300. All WOCF members receive a $50 discount.

To officially register for this workshop go to WomenofColorFiommakers.com and click "Classes & Workshops"

In this workshop we will cover:

  1. Camera Blocking (How camera movement helps tell your story)
  2. Camera Perspective (The importance of what is in frame and out of frame)
  3. Camera Angles ( How they help tell your story and intensify your actor's performance
  4. Lighting (How lighting can reveal things about your character)
  5. Audio (Capturing clean audio)
  6. Film Tone (Light, exposure and how to plan your tonal range)
  7. Script breakdown/Analysis
  8. Post Production

Whether you are shooting your film on your iPhone, DSLR, or an Arri Mini, you need basic skills to ensure you are visually telling an appealing story that will elevate you as a filmmaker. In this course, we will virtually walk you through how to create these elements in your work and help you prepare to direct your film.

Landi has worked as a freelance videographer and photographer for over 10 years. She has written and directed independent films, web-series, small business commercials, and online learning courses. She has also managed numerous industrial videos from innovative initial concepts, through development and final production. She has spearheaded classes, workshops, and keynote speakers for her organization Women of Color Filmmakers, where she works diligently to provide educational resources for female filmmakers.

WOCF Fall Screenwriting Competition

Needs a location

Dust off your laptop and get ready to finish that script that has been sitting in that folder on your desktop because it's time for the Fall Screenwriting Competition.

In this competition, your short script must feature a female protagonist who is trying to overcome an unbearable circumstance. It can be any genre (yes you can make the situation comedic) and it cannot be longer than 35 pages. All scripts are due by 10/24/22 at 11:55 pm PST. Submit your script along with your photo to [masked]

All scripts are eligible for the WOCF Screenwriting Award that will be announced at the Women of Color Filmmakers Anniversary Gala on 11/19/22. All finalists will be contacted via email by 11/17/22.

Scripts will be judged by a panel of industry professionals on the following:

  1. Plot – Do the events of the story contain conflict, logic, and flow? ...
  2. Character – Are the characters authentic and unique? ...
  3. Concept –Does the concept hook the reader? ...
  4. Originality – How fresh are the story, characters, and ideas?
  5. Format – It is recommended you use scriptwriting software.


• Your script must be between 10 and 25 pages.

• All scripts must be written in English.

• All scripts must be formatted according to industry standards. We will not accept scripts written in Word or other non-industry formats.

• You must submit a PDF with a title page that includes your name and contact information which should include your email address, mailing address, and phone number. If you are co-writing your script with another person both writer's names and contact information must be listed on the title page. Scripts without proper title pages will not be accepted.

• Do not submit a script with a watermark of your company name or logo. There should be no watermarks at all on your script.

• All scripts must be written by WOCF members (both signal and co-written scripts).

• Only members can submit a script for the competition.

• The script must be the writer’s original work or they own the copyright.

• For adaptations, the story must be in the public domain, or you have retained the adaptation rights to a particular work.

If you have any questions email us at [masked]

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