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Mastermind Retreat for Entrepreneurs & Creatives
We're in Q4 and have less than 100 days left in 2018! If you haven't got that project up and running, if your business is stagnant, if you just need clarity flushing out an idea this is the retreat for you! Spend the day with an expert in Branding, Marketing, Finance and Business Development. This is the time to receive focused support and level up in your life! The two day intensive retreat will include: Brand Audit & Design Clarity and Strategy Sessions Help with creating 3-6 months of new content Coaching focused on Leadership and Professional development Mastermind brain-dump session Exposure to resources to help Brand, Build and Launch or level up Unfamiliar with Holistree? Checkout the website to gain more knowledge of the organization


along Carroll Ave · Takoma Park, MD

Respond by: 11/16/2018

What we're about

This is a group for Women of Color who are looking for connection, support and celebration. If you are a creative or entrepreneur great! This group will connect on ways to grow and level up. If you are a WOC just looking for spaces just for you this is for you as well! We will host events and workshops centered around uplifting Women of Color.

The Official Description of who we are:

A group created for Women of Color (Black, Brown and Indigenous Women).

Curating safe spaces to connect, support and build community.
This group will connect through the following:

Networking (perfect for entrepreneurs)
Travel (Retreating w/ a purpose)
Workshops/ Master classes (personal, spiritual and professional development)
Events (community building)

Who is the Organizer:
Hollis Gray, Founder of Holistree ( aTransformation coach, Reiki Master, Intuitive and all around dope Black woman!

Hollis Gray has been an entrepreneur for over ten years after leaving the non-profit world. She left the DMV area moved to an island and tended to self. The work she does is because of her own powerful healing experience and her passion for wanting to create the opportunity for other women of color to do the same.

For more information outside of meet-ups check out the website. Signup for the newsletter. Connect with Hollis -

Building Tribe-
This meet-up is about cultivating and building tribe. We are looking for others who would like to join us and support the growth.
The following roles need to be filled:

Communications Supporter
Host Supporter
Events Supporter

If you are interested in joining us please email Hollis directly.

Business Owners
If you are a business owner and would like to be added to our directory please fill out the Directory form.

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