• Recharge & Renew VIP Retreat

    Krong Siem Reap

    CALLING ALL MILLENNIAL ACTIVISTS, ADVOCATES & CHANGEMAKERS ON THE VERGE OF BURNOUT AND IN NEED OF RADICAL CHANGE. Are you: - Stressed from working more hours than what you think is sustainable? - Exhausted by the time you get home that you have nothing left for your relationships or even YOURSELF? - Plagued by indecisiveness from living a life of compromise (at work or beyond)? - Afraid of slowing down, worried that you’ll look lazy, not fully “down for the cause” or that you’ll let people down? - Missing out on key life moments that you'll never get back? - Tossing and turning at night, trying to quiet the never-ending list of to-dos that run in your head and the dread of having to wake up to a job that no longer fulfils you? - Frustrated by what feels like an organizational culture that doesn't support your well being or even seem to care? If that sounds like you then you're in danger of complete burnout! For those of you in DESPERATE NEED of a change, join us this May for a WEEK-LONG VIP RETREAT experience in Cambodia. This transformational journey will focus on uncovering, clarifying and reigniting one’s sense of purpose in life. It will call you back to who you are at your core. Providing ample space to rest, relax and restore, we invite you to unplug from social media and your day-today responsibilities, to step into a beautiful oasis where authentic connection, healing and restorative self-discovery are your main goals. FIND OUT MORE & APPLY BY VISITING https://www.leadingwhole.com/the-retreat Please note that this is a highly personalised experience for a small group of women ready to TAKE A STAND for their wellbeing by PRIORITIZING SELF-CARE, renewing their sense of wonder at the world and clarifying next steps for sustaining larger impact. It was prompted by one woman's deep desire for a transformative and healing space away from the noise and in community with likeminded sisters. I told her if we could get a small handful of other woman who wanted to join, I would provide this very customised space for you all to recharge and renew your entire beings - body, mind and soul. The date is only one month away, which is why this is for a very specific type of leader who is ON THE VERGE OF BURNOUT ( or maybe even already there) and knows they CANT WAIT ANY LONGER TO MAKE CHANGE. APPLY BY MAY 2nd if interested by visiting www.leadingwhole.com/the-retreat

  • Clarify Your Calling

    Helvetia Lavender Farm

    Feeling stuck in a job you don't like and in need of a change? Know you're made for something more but not sure what it is or where to begin searching? Want to re-connect to your passions and a larger sense of purpose? Join us this Saturday afternoon from 1-4pm at Helvetia Lavender Farm for a workshop that will help you CLARIFY YOUR CALLING. Together with other highly ambitious, heart-centered women we will step out of the hustle and bustle of Portland and into a peaceful farm surrounding in order to gain a fresh perspective on life and clarify a larger sense of calling so that you can achieve your goals. What to expect: -connection to yourself, nature and other amazing women -safe space to be reflect, share and be heard -actionable plan for moving forward Light snacks and drinks will be provided. There will be ample room for relationship building, solo reflection/guided journaling and group discussion. If there is even a sliver of interest, I encourage you to join us. Listen to that intuitive voice and give yourself permission to trust it -- you have more wisdom than you know! Feel free to reach out with any questions :)