What we're about

We move to remember.
We move to remember that our essence as women is Wise, Wild, and Free!

Qoya is a movement practice for all women. It incorporates yoga, dance, sensual movement, spirituality, community, and deep personal inner connection. We move to remind ourselves that no matter what happens in life, the women of Qoya will be dancing.

Qoya means "Queen" as well as the Divine manifestation of Feminine consciousness in Qechuan, an ancient language in Peru. We dance with reverence in our Feminine nature, celebrating our physical and embodied selves.

This is foremost a movement practice, not a fitness or typical "dance" class. Your heart might speed up, you might even sweat, but that's not the purpose of the class. It's a super sweet side benefit, but it's not why we gather.

If you're aching for a way to fall in love with your body, to feel open, to practice the idea of moving through difficult times in your life, and to be witnessed by a group of caring woman, Qoya is just for you.

There is no bs small talk, comparisons, expectations, performance, or competitiveness at all.

Women of ALL shapes, sizes and abilities are encouraged to come. Qoya is all about moving and feeling. Someone recently mentioned that she felt Qoya was movement therapy. That's an excellent way to describe what happens here. We all feel better, more alive, open, and grounded after Qoya.

Come join our growing community of women who want to connect deeply with themselves as well as with other incredible women.

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Qoya- "Listen to the Body"

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