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Join us for our 30th Anniversary Virtual Conference March 24- 27, 2022. Women of Wisdom 2022 Conference. 25 amazing events for one price! Recordings will be available for 3 months. We invite you to join us for this special virtual gathering.

Women of Wisdom has been providing the container for women to explore the divine feminine, women's spirituality, personal growth, and more since 1993.

We are calling all women who value the feminine spirit, honor women's contribution to society and value our role in the evolution of humanity. We give voice to the feminine wisdom within all to transform our personal and collective consciousness. We teach the WOW Circle Leadership model. We produce various events throughout the year including fun, thought provoking dinner parties, drumming circles, ecstatic dance nights, and enlightening workshops that introduce us to new healing methods that stretch our spirits and expand our awareness. We celebrate the Divine Feminine with an annual conference every February presenting women in the forefront of planetary consciousness. Women new to the area will find community and friendship, planetary and personal healing, ritual and the arts!

Upcoming events (4+)

Revisiting Shamanism with Dr. Adhi Two Owls

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In this series Dr. Adhi Two Owls would like to discuss new developments in our understanding of the history and practice of Shamanism. For most of us Carlos Castenada created the foundation for what we now embrace as Neo-Shamanism. Michael Harner further developed this ideology with his school of Core Shamanism. For most people their entire interactions with Shamanism are defined by these two men.

This would end up being one of the many ways this spiritual tradition has been miss represented, made up and capitalized on for power and profit for over 50 years. In the last few years as the contemporary teachers of this movement have transitioned, new voices have come forward to further dig deeper into the origins and roots of what Shamans are. This new research is important for reconciling the misrepresentation and helps to redefine the context of Shamanism as a tradition and build a foundation for future growth to help the planet
I hope to share with you in this series the new scholarship and separate what is fact from fabrication. I hope you will join me.

Healing and Wisdom with Song Oracle Coleen Renee

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Each week we start with a SpiritSong in which Song Oracle, Coleen Renee offers healing and gathers wisdom to share for the week (under 15 minutes).

Coleen then teaches a simple chant to help you through your week.

Then, as time allows, Coleen offers personal SpiritSongs to participants for healing, clarity, grounding, perspective, . . . Information from the guides is offered through the song.

Coleen Renee is a spiritual healer and teacher with highly intuitive and psychic gifts. Song, specifically SpiritSong, is her entry between the realms where she brings forth messages and wisdom for our times. Find out more about her work and writings at CRhalenaRenee.com.

For a private Song Oracle reading, contact Coleen via text[masked] or email [masked].

Come for the hour or, for a quick pick me up, join us for the SpiritSong at the beginning.

Calling the Beloveds: The Healing Beauty of Sacred Exchange

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Coleen Rhalena Renee invites you to join her in exploring a pivotal aspect of being in beloved relationship: honoring sacred exchange. (See specific topics below.)

In this 3 week series, she'll teach the principle of sacred exchange and how it re-energizes, re-frames, and reveals the sacred in all our relationships. We'll look at two contradictory inherited beliefs that separate us from nature, one another, and ourselves: (1) humans are superior and have dominion over all, and (2) what we do doesn't matter; as individuals we're insignficant. These beliefs keep us from beloved relationships.

The beloveds are calling us into sacred exchange!

As always, Coleen begins with a SpiritSong to ground us and connect with wisdom from Spirit. She'll offer short teachings, probably a song, and will facilitate group discussion to understand the principle in our everyday lives.

Sacred exchange:

  • helps us move out of habits of over giving and into empowering those around us,
  • helps us define boundaries and receive gratitude from others for setting them,
  • helps us understand our value and our connection to all,
  • is easy to apply to all your relationships.

This is an interactive gathering. Participants are expected to take the work into their lives, and to share their stories. There will be songs, movement, story, messages from Spirit, and joyful adventure!

Topics (Spirit may redirect us on the day):

  • June 2 : Not broken/unplugged; Seeing Ourselves in a New Light
  • June 9: Cutting Chords that Bind; Letting Go with Gratitude
  • June 16: Conscious Sacred Exchange; Engaging the Beloveds

Coleen invites you to support the work of Women of Wisdom and show your gratitude for the teachers/practitioners who give of their time and talent. Your donation of any amount can be made here. Thank you!

What Meetup participants say about Coleen:

  • Thanks again Coleen for a great Meetup. Wonderful and Transformative as always! ~ Betsy S.
  • Thank you. I appreciate it :) ~ Hi I
  • Coleen is wonderful! ~ Kathie

Manifest and Co-create Your Awesomeness !!

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Hello Wonderful Women of Wisdom,
Effervescent Elena Austin is hosting this meetup

Theme: Manifest Your Awesome Life!!
When: Monday – June 6, 2022 @ 6:00PM-8:30 PM Pacific Time

Zoom Meeting Link will become visible after you reserve your spot for this meeting.

Meetup Fee.
We want to encourage everyone to exercise our "Gratitude Muscle" and co-create an "Appreciative & Love Spreading community". We have a “contribute as you wish" policy with the consideration of at least $5 per person per session. There are no limitations above that!!
We gladly accept your contributions as your appreciation and the desire to support our Abraham-Hicks Seattle meetup group and Women of Wisdom Community via:
a) PayPal = http://PayPal.me/ElenaA777 (Option: SENDING TO A FRIEND) or
b) Zelle – Elena's email: [masked] or Phone:[masked]
c) Venmo - @Elena-Austin-5

Wouldn’t it be nice to improve everything in YOUR life?!!
Only YOU are able to turn Your Life in any desirable direction!!
Behind every desire is The Desire to Feel Good!
At this meeting we will raise our vibrations with the desire to feel better and better by:
* Sharing our success stories
* expressing gratitude and appreciations
* helping each other to envision our desires and to enhance our dreams
* using practical exercises and playing with different processes
We will have discussions and play time together based on Abraham-Hicks teaching and our favorite Processes from “Ask & It Is Given” Book.

Our Next ZOOM meetings schedule - on Mondays @ 06:00 PM – 8:30 PM Pacific Time
June 06, 2022 @ 6:00 PM
June 20, 2022 @ 6:00 PM

Looking forward to seeing you and joyfully co-create together!!
Love & Light,
Effervescent Elena

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