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I'd love to welcome you to join me for a frank, informed and hopefully fun talk about sex: lets make the 27th February a useful and worthwhile evening! Lets be bold, get curious and kind on ourselves: I believe we deserve to have access to knowledge about ourselves.

A Women-only talk with Dr. Kathy White, Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist: passionate about making sex therapy research accessible and useful to 'real life'. Growing up most women do not have the accurate or helpful information needed for a satisfying sex-life. This is a two-hour evening to discover what we deserve to know as women, including how our bodies and minds work in relation to sex, and practical tried-and-tested ways to move forward. A useful talk also to mums who want to pass on up-to-date helpful knowledge to their children.

Feel free to message any questions and tickets are from eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mwconversati... (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mwconversations-ltd-17099644453)

Arrival from 7.15pm, time to relax into the evening over a cuppa, with a talk 7.30-9.30. There is an opportunity to email questions ahead of the talk, or write them down or just shout them out during the talk to ensure I answer what you would like to know. Or please also just come without questions but a desire to learn, to get curious and broaden your understanding of the complexity of how we work as women when it comes to sex.

It is common for 2 to 8 therapy sessions (number depending on complexity of the sexual problem) to have a profound impact on the quality of people’s sex lives and sexual self-confidence; I am passionate about ‘giving away’ the sex therapy knowledge that can make the difference to your future sex-life and sexual self-esteem. I therefore thought this would be a cheaper and more fun way to learn some 'sex education' that nearly all families, schools and social media misses out. I am keen to empower women with the knowledge they deserve to know about their bodies, and build women's sexual self-esteem.

As a bit of context, I have a decade of NHS experience and am a specialist in enabling individuals and couples to improve their sexual well-being and overcome sexual problems. Prior to becoming a mother, I was the acting Service Lead of a Central London Sexual Problems and Sexual Health Service. I now work part-time in the NHS as a Specialist Clinical Psycologist in a Women's Sexual Well-being clinic and as an Independent Psychologist for ‘MW Conversations’ offering individuals and couples specialist psychology therapy sessions, including ‘sex therapy’. I am also passionate about tailoring psychology to be useful for navigating the tensions of parenthood, and enabling people to develop their self-esteem and resilience in the face of these challenges. Follow us at 'MW Conversations' for updates on other well-being events (e.g. our Well-being & Mindful Eating Courses, or our Film & Psychology talks), or message mwconversations.co.uk (http://mwconversations.co.uk/).

Thank you to Harlow Museum & Walled Gardens for supporting us and hosting us so wonderfully.

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