What we're about

This group is for women who are seeking out connection, support and friendship. Whether you are an isolated entrepreneur and looking for a place with no commitments, no pressure and no expectations or you are a mama and crave connecting with Human Beings that don’t spit up or talk back, this is your group.

This is a place to come and get support for believing and living your dreams, a place to meet new friends, a safe space to be vulnerable and share something you may be struggling with, but most of all, this is a place to come to just be around other people who are craving the same thing as you - the connection to the Female Spirit and Energy.

Each monthly Meetup will be structured by what that group wants. Whether it’s a conversation around needing support, personal wellness (mental, physical or spiritual), or a casual social hour - the people in the room decide. There are no commitments to show up every single month - although I hope you do.

The goal is to have an opportunity to connect and meet new friends as an adult woman. It’s hard to find a community as an adult and it’s even harder to find one that you jive with. That’s why this group is focused on being built by the women who are there, in the room at that moment.

What this group is:

• A place to come to meet and connect with other Female Energy.

• A place to find support and encouragement in things that matter most to you.

• A place to have conversations.

• A place to provide and receive insight, perspective, encouragement and love.

• A place to simply breathe.

• A place to go on adventures!

• A place to find friends.

What this group is not:

• It is not a therapy support group.

• It is not a place to do business, find leads, or pitch.

• It is not a place to make others feel less than.

• It is not a place to be judgmental, mean, passive aggressive or unkind.

• It is not a place to be negative.

• It is not a place to spread a “problem” mentality (meaning, no matter how many suggestions, experiences, solutions, alternatives, or other options that is offered, there is still always a “problem.” If this is your mentality, girl, this ain’t your group).

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