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Whatever it is you're dealing with we can show you how to break through barriers and achieve unprecedented success. We will get together weekly to network, exchange ideas and learn how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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FREE: Socially Distanced Networking?! How to Network to Your Dream Job

*****RSVP HERE! http://bit.ly/SociallyDistancedNetworkingOct2020 ***** Are you questioning where to go and how to get there during this crazy pandemic time? I have people reaching out who thought they would ‘wait it out’ in a job they hate. With the pandemic continuing, they realize now is the time to make their move. Others don’t have the option to wait (you might be in this camp). Many have lost their positions and need to figure out how to make this all work NOW. Most people who I talk to were uncomfortable with networking BEFORE all this happened. So, sh*t!?! What do we do?! We have got you! In this workshop, we will cover the ways in which to handle networking in a social-distanced way that is both NATURAL and GREATLY BENEFICIAL to your career. Once you master networking generally (and specifically during this crazy COVID time!): •You will be able to naturally connect with the people who will help unlock your path forward • You will showcase your real self in a way that gets people reaching out to you! • You will shed the feelings of dread when it comes to connecting with people. • You will be able to follow up in effective socially distanced ways that keep you connected and move your career forward. *****RSVP HERE! http://bit.ly/SociallyDistancedNetworkingOct2020 ***** Meet the Speaker: Jocelyn Miller Jocelyn Miller is a businesswoman, career coach, and entrepreneur with a deep love of product. She has acted as a product management leader and managed remote teams during her time at Amazon, Google and as Director of Product Management at Zazzle. Over the course of 15 years she has innovated in the areas of search, personalization, commerce, ads, and customized goods. She currently acts as a personal accelerator, helping teams and individuals create high impact careers and fulfilling lives. She also teaches a number of topics to Fortune 500 companies working at the team level as well as on large-scale organizational change. Clients include American Express, General Electric, Pfizer, AXA, USAA, Staples, NFL, Citigroup, and CBS. Topics include Product Management, User Experience, Rapid Prototyping, Big Data, Personalization, Managing Stakeholders, Metrics/Analytics, Roadmapping and Planning. Ms. Miller holds a degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from Dartmouth College as well as Fashion Design and Interior Design certificates from Parsons School of Design. She has hosted multiple workshops for the CTO School, volunteers with WiTNY, runs a Women's Success Strategies group, and partners with Cornell Tech advising technology and business students. View more about the Speaker: http://www.JocelynMarieMiller.com *****RSVP HERE! http://bit.ly/SociallyDistancedNetworkingOct2020 *****

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