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This meet-up is for all you go getters out there who actually went and did it... you launched your business! Congrats and go you!

BUT... now you're onto that niggly part, the part where you need to get sales, grow networks and (hopefully) start to scale up or get to that sweet spot of sustainable profitability that you've been dreaming about. We feel you. We're in the same boat too.

What we want this meet-up to be is a forum to share ideas, to learn from one another and to inspire each other. But we also want it to be real and raw and not at all culty. It's going to be a team effort, filled with collaborative energy that everyone brings with them to an event.

Each meet-up will offer the opportunity to grow your network with time built in for informal discussions to take place between members. We will have a short member-led workshop, discussion or Q&A each time and there will be a 'breakaway' part of every event where we will spend some time 'hacking' away at a core idea, theme or problem that every business could benefit from.

We will also try to get a peer-peer mentoring circle going on too.

We want to meet-up to be fun, creative and empowering and not at all stuffy. We believe that every entrepreneurship story is inspiring and we can learn and grow more by sharing ideas than by being lone warriors on this bumpy start-up path.

Female? Started a business? Have stories to share and lots to learn? Then this meet-up is for you!

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