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Women && Code: Intro to Web Development 5.6.

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Eva L. and Daniela R.
Women && Code: Intro to Web Development 5.6.


An Web Development study group for women in Vienna every two weeks.

Join us, if you're either:
- thrilled to learn something new
- interested in coding/programming
- exited about UI/UX and frontend development
- love to learn more about HTML5 && CSS

The event will be held in English.
Please BYON - bring your own notebook!

The first events are for programming beginners - but feel free to join if you want to connect to other amazing people in Vienna!

When the event is fully booked please refer to

Also feel free to register for the following event, we will teach module 1 and the following in separate groups!

- I don't have paypal!
- The event is full - where is the waiting list?
- Do I have to book every single event? / I missed one event!
- No Refunds - We kindly and humbly accept this fee as donation for our cause ♥
Erste Bank - Filiale Erste Campus
Am Belvedere 1 · Wien, Fa
How to find us

George Labs / Erste Campus - you'll need a card at the reception!

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