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What we’re about

Join and shape the direction of this emerging technology.
By connecting across interests and backgrounds with a focus on females otherwise underrepresented in the blockchain world, we are working towards equality needed to build products, communities and economies that work for all. 

Everyone is invited to the meet-ups! Allies are welcome.

Join the movement! Those identifying female reach out to us to join the Women in Blockchain slack.

Find us on:

Twitter: @WiBlockchain


LinkedIn: Women in Blockchain Global

Instagram: Women in Blockchain

Past special projects:

For info or if you have a special project that you want to propose to a global community of superWomen please contact: 

Scholarships to the Consensys Academy

Women in Blockchain has been a partner of Consensys for many years and has sourced 100+ minority recipients to attend the Consensys Academy led by Tom Hay.

Workshops at Conferences

Women in Blockchain conducted workshops focusing on social good solutions , ie Blockchain at the Edge / Oasaka 2019 and Diversity/Inclusion at ETH Denver 2020

The One World Award!
Women in Blockchain created this award to drive awareness about diversity and inclusion.

Criteria we created have been added to judging criteria of other Hackathons and Incubators to reward solutions that best promotes open access and equal inclusion.

As quoted in:

Wired's "For Women in Cryptocurrency, A New Effort to Grow their Ranks"

CoinDesk's "Blockchain's 2018 Goal? Human Rights Over Financial Gains"

Observer's "The Best Cryptocurrency Meetups in New York City"