What we're about

This circle is for all women who seek more joy in their lives. We are a community of women who uplift each other, celebrate each other's successes, and encourage each other.

This circle is open and will continue to grow through the desires of its members; a circle is only as strong as each woman within in. As such, we welcome all women who are eager to grow, to find clarity, and to build on her strengths.

There is no room for shame, criticism, judgment, or even snarky sarcasm.

In this circle we are warm and open with each other, coming fully into ourselves, so that each time we leave the circle, we can go out into the world feeling more at home in our own bodies, minds, and spirits.

We are non religious but welcome all religious perspectives.

We meet every other Wednesday to engage in fun activities together, building confidence and self love. We share inspirational stories, and we listen to each other with genuine interest and engagement.

We explore a different theme each month, and each segment of our two hours together functions within that theme. There is optional work to take home for those members who wish to extend their learning and growth beyond our meetings.

Every single member will have ample opportunities to teach and to learn. Every single woman has something essential to give and new things to take in, and this circle values both.

It is essential that you join this circle with an open heart and an open mind in order to gain as much as possible from the experience. It is time for women to get comfortable working, playing, living, loving, and laughing together as a tribe. This circle's goal is to facilitate that process.

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