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Welcome to the Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs Group! This is the go-to-place for Atlanta women business owners to find support advice tools, focus, strategies and guidance from one another. Feel free to share any information, tools or resources about starting, scaling or exiting a business.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, sales professional or someone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest, I encourage you to join, attend and participate in the group. If you work from home full or part time as a freelancer, a remote employee or a small business owner this group is also for you

Although networking will be an important part of the group, sharing resources, ideas and meeting other like-minded professional and successful women who share similar experiences will be invaluable.

Please invite as many women entrepreneurs as you can to enable us grow the group – the bigger we are, the more we can help one another.

Sometimes we all need a little support and guidance to reach our goals. Join today and let's make a difference!

Suggested Group Discussion Topics

· Advice/tips/tricks on starting a business

· Fundraising deas sources

· Review of investors

· Valuable tools technology or strategies

· Job openings

· Opportunity for Joint ventures or collaboration

· Events

· Challenges and opportunities you are facing

· Training or education opportunities

· Suggestions and deas for meetups

· Offer to host meetups for the group

Participation and Expansion: Please join n keeping the group alive by participating through discussions, support, announcements and meetup attendance.

Guidance for Posting: if your post does not fit any of the above you will receive a notice to remove your post. Upon second notice you may be removed from the group.

Respect and kindness: Let’s treat everyone with respect and ndness. We encourage healthy debates but nsst on respect. We do not tolerate bullying or derogatory comments about race religion culture gender sexual orientation. Please also respect everyone’s privacy.

No promotions or Spam: Self-promotion spam or aggressive marketing allowed. Please keep adverting to a minimum. Please stay focus on expanding the network.

No unsolicited direct messages: Members are not allowed to send unsolicited messages to as for business from others n the group. Please only contact ndvduals if a member specifically requests a direct private message.

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