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Does your life look picture perfect on the outside, but inside you find yourself feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, anxious and sometimes even a little depressed? You find that you've achieved some major dreams and goals in your life but now that you're "there" it's not all you thought it would be. Like something is missing from your life and there must be something more. Others might even tell you how lucky you must feel to lead the life you live and you might find yourself feeling a little guilty for not feeling happier. Or maybe you thought you'd be "there" by now, wherever "there" is for you. What you do know is that something inside you just feels like you're off your path and you need to make a change. You might even be in the middle of big changes in your life and are having trouble finding your footing, finding your true self amongst all the overwhelm and chaos. Well, this group is for you, gorgeous! You're not alone. There is something magical when women come together to share and be seen in their vulnerability, authenticity and truth. Healing and transformation occur. The truth is our outer experiences in life are a reflection of our inner reality. Everything in our lives is a mirror of who we are, or rather, our beliefs about who we are. If you're ready to make some changes in your life and experience more of what you really want, join us and I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Sacred Women's Circle.

With Love & Aloha,

Andrea Pack

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