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What we’re about

This is a call for Spiritual Women who are desiring a Sacred space to come together in sisterhood for Rejuvenation, Energy Healing, Social Connection, and Intuitive Insight.

This is a time on the planet when women are having to mange a lot: our families, work, friends, and even the cultural and political landscape. As sensitive spiritual beings, we are attuned to others and end up matching and absorbing their energy which can leave us feeling overwhelmed at times. This heightened sensitivity and empathy is beautiful and, at the same time, if we do not know how to manage this energy, we can become burned out. This can affect our physical body, minds, and spirits and can negatively impact our relationships.

In this group, we will focus on receiving and learning energy healing techniques to help you to feel Calm, Rejuvenated, Radiant and Vibrant so that you can continue to be the Awesome woman that you are and so that your Health and Relationships can thrive!

Here are Some Examples of What You Can Expect From this Meetup:


  • Calming and Emotional Clearing Techniques

  • Energy Healing Circles (receive Reiki and/or Reconnective Healing)

  • Aura + Chakra Healings

  • Meditations to Clear your Energetic Field and Fill you up with Source Energy

  • Help with Setting Energetic Boundaries

  • Communication Tools to Help you set Loving Verbal Boundaries

  • Intuitive Training+ Healing to help you to deepen your natural Intuitive abilities

  • Past Life Healing, updating Soul Contracts
    -Fun Time Together in Supportive Sisterhood!

We are blessed to have you,
~ Angela Serviss, M.A.
Woman's Anxiety & Vibrancy Coach