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Are you thinking about having kids one day?

With advances in clinical testing and genetics, there are more ways than ever to be empowered with information and proactively take charge of your reproductive health. Too often, women make decisions about their fertility using age-based averages that don’t paint the complete picture or consider how a woman’s unique biology can impact her reproductive health.

Join us and learn how you can take control of your biological clock with biological and genetic insights.

During this Q&A session, we will walk attendees through the factors we know can influence fertility. We’ll cover what women can do today to better understand their own personal metrics and how they can impact their fertility and plans for tomorrow. In addition, you will learn bout the latest insights, tools, and tests viable, both hormonal and genetic, to better understand your reproductive health. We will also talk about how this information can be used to make decisions around egg freezing, when to start a family, and planning for fertility treatments to build the future you might want.

Each attendee will have the opportunity to take a discounted Fertilome® genetic test, which reveals genetic markers that may impact a woman's ability to conceive.

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