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What does financial freedom mean to you? Are you unsure about how to make sure your savings work for you and grow, and do find there are not enough women to talk openly about this? This meetup is to empower women into taking control of their finances on both short and long term, start your path towards financial freedom, and become more independent and secure of your future! I am finance professional who has worked at banks since 2006, > 10 years, I have two Masters degrees from top universities on Finance and Financial Risk Management, and will guide you through a program that will help you take control and build a network for open supportive conversations. This meetup will start in the new year on the WEEKENDS, and details will come! We will only be accepting truly committed people who intend to attend on a more regular basis, and the price and location will be set in due course. Please register your interest by sending a quick email with your contact details for more information, at: info@matryks.com

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