What we're about

This group is part of a series of workshops I facilitate under the title: "Women’s Activation Movement" aka "WAM" (which is a concortium of women of various races, cultures, hues, and the other things which make us unique and similar; and who work together and individually). WAM IS…the healing through the empowerment of women; in order to be conscious and active co-midwives, in the development and birthing of our true selves--The Goddess-- and a balanced world. We do this by learning/teaching whole-self care (body, mind and spirit) through stillness, movement, creative, performing, and healing arts. Its letting out the Divine Femine WE ALL ARE. Its having fun, being serious, sexy, sensual; and sometimes dealing with and releasing the past to make way for the now. Some meetings are intergenerational and some for women of a specific age range. We meet at various locations depending on the workshop (meeting rooms, spas, theaters, yoga and dance studios, comedy clubs, beaches and parks).

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