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Lady Part Problems Explained (Live Q&A)
• What we'll do I'll be reviewing some of the most common health issues women experience. It's hard to know where to start when you receive a diagnosis from your health care provider. Other times we have mysterious symptoms that don't seem to change no matter what. In this series of talks, I'll go over what the root causes could be for a number of our modern day hormone related health challenges. I will touch on the possible underlying emotional or stress related aspects and give some basic suggestions on how to start improving your condition! Hint: Reduce your stress and repair from the foundation! Join me live to get your specific questions answered or watch the replay. I'll be able to answer some follow up questions if you comment with them. Or leave a comment on the individual topic event and I'll answer on a first come first serve basis. These talks will be between 30 min and 1 hour. Topics include: Painful or heavy periods (dysmenorrhea) Endometriosis PCOS Thyroid imbalance Peri/Menopause • Important to know Let me know if you have a "favorite" topic: Painful or heavy periods (dysmenorrhea) Endometriosis PCOS Thyroid imbalance Peri/Menopause


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Welcome Ladies! This meetup has been created as a resource hub and place of sharing for women interested in learning more about their own health and wellness. Our meetups may include classes, events, social gatherings, and even webinars by women for women.

Face to face meetups take place in Austin, Texas. We started this group because we wanted to offer classes and share information to create a healthier community of women. Meetups will cover a full spectrum of sharing everything from natural remedies for the physical body, emotional wellness, to spiritual health and healing.

Our meet up is in based Austin, Texas - but webinars and other distance learning opportunities will also be available to those outside of Central Texas.

We will be announcing things we feel build a strong community of healthy women AND we want to make sure and meet people prior to any announcements or offerings being made.

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