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Women's Impact Networking is a very diverse group of ladies with varied skill levels. We are a very open group of ladies who are embracing their dreams. Please join us in our caring and sharing heartfelt endeavors. These Ladies of infinite possibilities are waiting to meet you, so please join us today. Guests are always welcome.

Women's Impact Networking (W-I-N-4U) is a Non Profit Organization developed for the purpose of aiding all women who have come across difficult paths and challenges in establishing themselves in their daily lives.

We have women from all walks of life that are in need of assistance in a multitude of ways. From young women suffering the perils of unemployment to women desiring to make the transition from employee to business owner.

These are just a few of the reasons why the Women's Impact Networking was established. To let women of all ethnicities and denominations know that we are true women, who stand by women, for the women. The purpose of W-I-N-4U. ( Women's Impact Networking ), in this respect is very simple, we are here to let women know that in spite and despite of your personal and/or professional challenges, you can still W-I-N-4U., because we are the Women who are making an Impact through our Networking.

By bringing each woman up to a higher plateau in life, and through sharing the knowledge of unlimited possibilities. W-I-N-4U can provide any woman with encouragement to make their situation better, no matter what the case may be. It's all about unity, and "where there is unity there is strength", together we stand united.

At W-I-N-4U, our goal is to help you develop your business skills in every walk of life. Through education, personal development and professionalism, ensuring a more well informed woman that is unafraid to be the successful woman you so desire to be while taking complete charge of your life.

We want to help you get our children off the streets and into a safe place that will serve as a shelter, to allow our young mothers the opportunity to stay in school, get the education they need, and by doing this, to give these young mothers the chance to make them better candidates for careers of their choice.

Allowing young mothers the opportunity to earn an honest wage in order to take care of their own children. They will be empowered with self-respect and dignity. So again this organization is dedicated to assist women assist themselves, and who will in return, will help and assist other women." Each one, reach one, Each one teach one ", and only then will we make a real Impact, by real Women.

Women's Impact Networking: Embracing Your Dreams. The Secret behind every success is endeavor...behind endeavor, ability. Behind ability is Knowledge. Behind knowledge are seekers who want to make an impact.

Do what you love, and it will make your soul rich. Do what you'd do if you knew every dream could come true. When you're doing what you love, you will be making an impact on others.. We love embracing your dreams.

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