What we're about

We are a group of women business & career professionals dedicated to attracting success, clients, business, relationships & money by leveraging our inner and outer beauty. This group is focused primarily on women's needs and aspirations.

Outer Beauty (appearance, makeup, clothes etc.) is accessible to anybody who wants to learn.
Outer Beauty without developing your inner self leaves others skeptical and cynical about you.

Inner Beauty without a matching outer expression leaves people unimpressed.
Outer Beauty with Inner Beauty leaves one whole, confident and complete with access to the steering wheel of success and a life well lived.

Our community is dedicated to outer and inner beauty for all of us.

What you will gain from joining our group:
1. A breakthrough in your outer beauty and a breakthrough in your inner beauty.
2. Uncovering secrets and blindspots to help you grow inner and outer beauty.
What kinds of events we hold:
1. Educational events to help create these breakthroughs.
2. Social and networking events to build our community.
3. And much more.

Please join our group asap and I will see you soon!
Brian Haugen, Organizer
More than 25 years (since 1994) experience in helping women and men find inner and outer beauty and success in the entertainment and business fields.

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