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This group is here to help women learn how to defend themselves against violence, and sexual predators. Our mission is to help women feel and live a safe and secure life.

We will have meetups that are full of information and helpful ideas for keeping women safe. There will also be instructional courses that will teach self defense techniques, including unarmed hand to hand methods, as well as firearm training. Concealed carry courses will also be offered.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to defend yourself against anyone trying to harm you or a loved one.

Women Only Self Defense

Our world is becoming extremely dangerous and violent as many people become mentally unstable. Because the police cannot be everywhere at once, and it takes them time to respond to a call, you are left alone to face any potential threat. How you face that threat will determine whether you survive or not. It will also determine if you are injured. My job is to help you overcome a criminal's attack and keep you safe.

The techniques I teach are a combination of the best available and have been distilled into a simple and easy method to learn. With the self defense methods I teach, you can turn the table on violent criminal predators.

About Paul Barrett - Master Combative Instructor

* Combat/Tactical Firearm Instructor

* Executive Protection - Bodyguard

* 5th degree Black Belt in traditional Hapkido and Combative Self Defense

* Street Fighting Expert

* Edged Weapons Instructor

* Full Contact Kickboxing

* Boxing, wrestling, Judo, Yusul

* Studied many martial arts including Hapkido, Hwa Rang Do, Taekwando, Tangsudo, and many others

* Owned several martial arts schools

* Taught Military and Law Enforcement

* One of the first instructors in the nation to integrate combat pistol, shotgun, and carbine into his martial arts classes.

* Expert in Ki Exercise and Meditation

* Strength and Conditioning Instructor

This meetup is for women only.

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Self Defense Basics For Women

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