Past Meetup

An introduction to Womens Tech hub ~ Bristol


Great news!! - Bristol girlgeekdinners has just had an invitation to be sponsored by Bloomberg at the ACCU event at the Marriot on Wednesday 26th April. Due to the short timescale to get a speaker we have decided to do a formal presentation from the Womens Tech hub ~ Bristol.
We've been expanding quickly and believe this will be a great opportunity to explain who we all are to the Womens tech group, what we have been doing, what we have in the planning and what our long term goals are.
We would also appreciate your input and ideas as we've set it up to support the women tech groups as well as the individual members within them.
We hope to see you there - please bring along any male colleagues to this one that may be interested in support etc as womens tech hub is about also speaking to the tech industry to improve diversity.