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DeskLodge House

Redcliffe Way · City of Bristol

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Next Door to Mary Redcliffe Church

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There are two large areas for coworking/peer supported learning in a very similar remit to that of Codehub. There are also a series of rooms in which we can do training shared projects or talks, these can host from 6 to 16 people and we are open to people contacting us if you wish to run something. The idea is that we may have one group learning a CRM such as salesforce for example, another running a UX group, then a python group etc. The overall theme will be about collaborations and its mainly for mixed groups but some may be women only as its a WTHub initiative and we are aware that women learn better in women only environments.

We are looking for sponsor companies to support us with pizzas and drinks in return for an opportunity to present and commnicate either as an engagement or a recruitment piece. Women’s Tech Hub runs a no recruiter (other than an internal sponsor recruiter as noted above) and a strict social media policy which you can find in our Code of Conduct.

Bring a laptop !

Workshop Wednesday 17th July 2019 will also house:

~ Trouble Makers: Confidence, Leadership and Power: STOP OVER APOLOGIZING

For the ambitious women who need a push to feel more assertive and confident in their career or their personal life. For those who want to feel legitimate enough, for those who are about to apply for the promotion; for women who want to feel comfortable starting a new activity or just talking to new people.

1 – Why do women tend to (over)apologize?
2 – How does this affect my self-confidence, self-esteem and how does it affect the way people see me?
3 – Can I get over it? Yes.
4 – Train your language and your brain into new set-ups

See event link for sign up, tickets and more information:

~ Python Self-Led Study Groups: 3rd meeting

Calling all those who want to learn or improve their Python skills, by studying with their peers.
See event link for sign up and more information:

~ Ceri Newton - Agile in a (pistachio) nutshell: a brief introduction to Agile ways of working

Ceri's been coaching individuals, teams and businesses for well over a decade, and with her background in teaching and psychology, has been referred to more than once as the "Mary Poppins of Agile". She will be running this hands-on session for anyone who wants to understand a little more about Agile - what it is, how it works and who it's for. You'll come out feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on your next Agile project! (You'll also be armed with a great reading list, should you want to go and find out more). Over 18s only. Open to all.