What we're about

Hello and welcome to The Women's Hub for Creating Badass Businesses.

YES, BADASS! BADASS meaning: IMPACTFUL, PURPOSEFUL, PROFITABLE, INNOVATIVE, MEANINGFUL, THRIVING, SUSTAINABLE, INGENIOUS, CREATIVE, PROBLEM-SOLVING, EXCITING! The type of business that fills you up with joy, enthusiasm and fires you up every day to do the work you're meant to do.

The purpose of this group is to create a community (WOMEN ONLY!!) in which we help each other to reach for our deepest and most meaningful business dreams and goals. To support each other in building and growing successful, profitable businesses in the most effective, action-driven way and most importantly in a way that’s full of care and integrity.

If you're trying to get your business off the ground and feeling incredibly scared, overwhelmed and alone. JOIN THE HUB!
If you’re an aspiring or emerging business owner who suspects you’ve barely scratched the surface of your full potential. JOIN THE HUB!
If you have many different dreams and passions but not a lot of direction on how to bring them to life. JOIN THE HUB!
If you are looking for clarity so you can finally use your skills and talents to make a difference. JOIN THE HUB!
If you know you're meant to do more but can’t seem to get started. JOIN THE HUB!

The difference I want to make through this group is:

• To help YOU create and clarify your business dreams, ambitions and aspirations.
• To help YOU test your business idea in a smart, efficient and strategic way with no money involved or very little.
• To help YOU create a strategic plan and answer questions like where and how to start, in what order etc.
• To help YOU transform your ideas into thriving businesses.
• To help YOU awaken and strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit.
• To help YOU grow and build your confidence as a business creator, owner and leader.
• To help YOU save time, energy, money and unnecessary failures.

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about starting and growing a business. A lot of programs promising quick money and cut-and-paste templates. Not to mention how massively overwhelming starting or growing a business can be in our digital world. Especially if you’re someone who’s not starting out with a lot of resources.

I will be hosting weekly webinars and workshops to bring greater clarity and support onto YOUR journey to creating YOUR BADASS business.


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