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Many women in the community are concerned with rising crime and increasing reports of women being assaulted. A little more awareness, and some forethought about what your options are when faced with a difficult situation can make all the difference, and these self-defense classes will offer invaluable information, insights and skills.

We custom design our classes to fit the lifestyles of our students here in the Silicon Valley.
We teach several different classes, including: Urban Self Defense, College Awareness and Safety, Mother/Daughter Self Defense, Mothers with Strollers, and Corporate Self Defense/Team Building courses. More information is available on our website: defense-ability.com
or contact Rebecca at: rebecca@defense-ability.com . Call/text: 408.412.9696.

Defense-ability classes are open to women 18 years of age or older (15 – 17 with written parental permission) and are designed to be low impact, fun, information packed, easily accessible and suitable for everyone.

The classes will cover important topics such as:

Setting physical and verbal boundaries
Street ”smarts” and awareness
Planning and preparing
Recognizing and avoiding trouble
Physical defensive techniques that are simple yet very effective

Because women lead busy lives, and don’t have time to attend martial arts – type classes for months, we’ve developed three hour programs of self-defense that teach you both situational awareness (the most important aspect of self defense) and “take down” self defense moves that allow you to quickly disable your attacker and escape.

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Women's Urban Self Defense

CrossFit San Jose

PLEASE DO NOT RSVP FOR THIS CLASS. USE THE LINK BELOW TO REGISTER: https://defense-ability.com/events/urban-self-defense-class-february-23-2019/ 3 Hour Class – $80 Our classes are geared towards the real world that women face each day. There is not a woman in this world who has not experienced verbal harassment, physical harassment, or a physical attack. What distinguishes a class at Defense-ability from what’s labeled “typical self-defense” is the focus on boundary-setting, assertiveness, and information on dealing with those “everyday things”. It’s not just about the best way to do a knee to the groin—it’s about things that happen in everyday life, be it street harassment or a co-worker who won’t respect your boundaries. You’ll be empowered as you learn several aspects of self defense – situational awareness, boundary setting, and physical self defense skills. As the names implies, situational awareness is simply knowing what’s going on around you. It sounds easy in principle, but in reality requires much practice. And while it is taught to soldiers and law enforcement officers, it’s an important skill for civilians to learn as well. In a dangerous situation, being aware of a threat even seconds before everyone else can keep you and your loved ones safe. Boundary setting is another important aspect of women’s self defense. By learning to maintain space between you and a stranger you give yourself options as to what you can do to stay safe. And while everyone usually expects to learn some sort of martial arts moves, we actually teach disabling techniques. They require little to no strength but are very effective tools that will help you to stop your attacker and escape. While learning these, participants gain critical skills, increase confidence levels, and learn to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations they may encounter. This class is open to women 18 years of age or older (15-17 with parental permission) and designed to be low impact, information packed, and suitable for adults. The class will cover important topics such as: Setting physical and verbal boundaries Street ”smarts” and awareness Pre-planning and preparing Recognizing and avoiding trouble De-escalating situations Simple and effective physical defensive techniques such as strikes, kicks, and escapes from holds. Contact us for information on group and private instruction details, availability and requirements.

Mother/Daughter Self Defense

CrossFit San Jose

PLEASE DO NOT RSVP FOR THIS CLASS. USE THE LINK BELOW TO REGISTER: https://defense-ability.com/events/mother-daughter-self-defense-class-march-16-2019/ Mother Daughter Self Defense classes are one of our most popular! 3 hour class- $80 per student Class includes instruction on situational awareness, boundary setting, safety tips for everyday life, and physical self defense instruction. We’ll be watching videos, discussing options for your safety, and practicing boundary-setting techniques. You’ll also learn very effective physical self defense – strikes, kicks, and escapes from holds. Yelp Review: “ After my daughter and I took her course this past weekend the only rating I can give her is 5 stars. Seriously! Defense-ability was highly recommended to me by my best friend who took her two daughters to it and I’m passing this on to you” Mia B. Daly City, CA Our instructors work one-on-one with students, to ensure that every student understands how each self defense move is performed. Organize a group of friends, co-workers or a group of moms from your daughter’s school or activity group to take this informative and fun class together! PLEASE NOTE: STUDENTS SHOULD BE AT LEAST FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. This class is an opportunity for moms to spend quality time with their daughters while learning an important life skill together! Questions? Call/text us at:[masked]

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Women's Urban Self Defense

CrossFit San Jose

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